Moving Suggestions For Parents

This past weekend, my husband, daughter, and myself packed up our entire lives (yet again) and moved an hour and a half to Atlanta. It was not smooth sailing, but I think we did okay. Let me take just a moment to share what worked for us – and what didn’t.

Ideally, when planning a move, a family would have an exact date set for the move. Not so much here. We didn’t even have a general idea of when the move would take place, which caused more problems than you could ever imagine. Our savings? Depleted instantly by deposits and rent payment. Our home? Uncertain until the last minute.

We scrambled to get things done in a somewhat orderly fashion. That Friday, I packed up all of the crap that we have accumulated in our marriage while husband got the moving truck and loaded furniture onto it. As I finished one box, he loaded it into the truck. We had to move at such a fast pace that a week later, I still don’t feel quite like we have gotten everything we need here. Did things get broken? Yes, but we can replace things. We can’t replace the people in our lives, which is why we handed off little Danger to my big sister for a few hours.

The first rule of moving as a parent: Get a baby-sitter! It is almost impossible to pack up all of your crap when your child is just going to follow behind you, unpacking everything she can get her chubby little fingers to grasp onto. I tried packing (unsuccessfully) for about three hours before I figured this out. Save yourself some time, energy and sanity, and take my advice.

The second rule of moving as a parent: Get some help! Without the help of our best friend, Mr. Mo, we would not have been able to make the move in one day. Husband drove the truck down to Atlanta, met up with Mo and unloaded it, then drove back home with the moving truck (thankfully, a nice local lady that owns an antique mall let us borrow her truck!) My daughter and I stayed behind and finished getting the rest of the odds and ends into small packages and cleaned up our little room that we called home for nine months.

Things I suggest: babysitters, friends, fruitabu fruit rolls, Spongebob Squarepants episodes, and Ke$sha/Lady Gaga on iTunes. These things are all must-haves!

Things to stay away from: a bored child, a hungry child, a lonely child, a wet child,… you get the picture.

Keep baby entertained, whether you are the one doing the entertaining or not. I have heard it said that if baby is not happy, then no one is happy. This is so true when you are trying to move! Keep that in mind, and happy travels to you! Take care!


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