Terrible 2’s And The Mischief Crayon

At what age do the terrible two’s truly begin? My daughter seems to think that they start promptly at eighteen months of age. On her exact eighteen month birthdate, the trouble began.

I am lucky to go to the bathroom by myself, as she usually follows behind me every. where. I. go. wailing and raising her arms for me to hold her. She is having a hard time staying asleep, and is acting afraid of using her potty now.

She refuses to eat anything but peas, and demands that we let her feed herself. I don’t mind that she likes to feed herself. She is not as messy as I imagined a toddler would be. It’s just that she doesn’t eat fast enough for my liking, and I worry about her food getting too cold and mushy, bacteria breeding wildly on her plate, and her attention to wander off to some shiny new plaything. I know, I am quite neurotic.

Now she has added a new ‘symptom’ to the mix: Her mischief crayon.

She has a TON of crayons from many different shapes, sizes, and brands but there is only one mischief crayon. It is green, and it is a chunky crayon from IKEA. What is it about this seemingly boring object that earned it the reputation of being used for mischief?

Every – and when I say every, I mean it – time that my child picks up this crayon, she uses it to do something destructive. In the past few days, she has managed to color on: our bookshelf, a nice white storage box, our kitchen table, our coffee table, AND our sofa. Thankfully the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked wonders on many of those items, but I am still a little irked about her new-found lack of respect for our furniture.

And why does she always pick that crayon for behaving badly?

Do you have any advice to share about your child and the terrible two’s? When did it start for your family? And just what should I do about that stupid mischief crayon?


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