A Bloody, Screaming Mess

I gave my daughter the middle name “Danger” so I suppose it is my fault that she seems to be living up to her name. Let’s add another injury to the list, an extremely bloody one that many parents experience with their children yet few can actually name: a torn frenulum.

What is a frenulum? It is the small flap of flesh that attaches the lip to the gum in a couple of places. You can also find one that is under your tongue. Go ahead. Look. Now you know what I’m talking about.

Danger completely severed hers while wandering through our home. She tripped, fell face-first into one of our reusable containers, and became a bloody, screaming mess.
The good news about this injury is that it is not a serious one, and repairs itself without the need for stitches or other interventions. Unless it becomes infected (which is very rare) these injuries go away quickly. The bad news about this injury is that it bleeds a lot, which can be terrifying for both parent and child.

My child will heal, and I am so grateful that she injured her frenulum rather than, say, her eyeball.

What do you do to comfort your child when he/she gets injured? Do you have any natural remedies to share for bleeding wounds?


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8 Responses to A Bloody, Screaming Mess

  1. Candace says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your little girl is so gorgeous! And yes it has been flying by and it makes me so sad, but it so fun to see him do new things and show his personality!!

    • Thank you so much, Candace. My advice to you is to take a million pictures every day 🙂 Well, maybe not that many, but as time passes, you will notice that it is easy to get distracted with documenting everything. (Running, jumping toddler and all…) Have an awesome weekend! xoxo

  2. beliefinus says:

    oh no! My son (22 months) is like your daughter. Maybe they should have the same middle names… Danger! He can walk around our house too, trip on his own toe and have a new goose egg on his head. He ran into our wall and has 2 new scuff marks on his forehead night before last.
    I am a retired (as my daughter calls me) paramedic. Not a whole lot phases me. 🙂 I stopped working to take care of my babies.
    Oh, my husband loves watching Nitro Circus, a lot of stunts on bikes and skateboards. I had to tell him he is not allowed to watch it in front of Hunter. Hunter took his wagon sat on it and went down his slide. That was it! ha ha
    I can really relate to your posts! thank you

    • Haha, April, it sounds like you have your hands full with the boys in your life! 🙂 My mom told me that things will settle down at some point and baby will not get hurt as often, but if she is anything like her daddy, she stands no chance! Ah, what is it about those guys that invites true danger into our lives? 😉

  3. Raven says:


    Thanks for coming by. I truly appreciate taking the time to comment. Im not sure which one of us is a scaredy cat. While reading your post. I started to feel pain just thinking about it. OUCH! Thats not even the right word for it. Thank goodness she didnt need stitches. I keep threatening the kids to put them in a Safe padded room if they dont stop falling. lol

    I am Alfred Hitchcock fan. The key to watching horror movies. Is to watch it early in the day with lots of sunshine and lights in the room. So by the time bedtime hit. You’re pretty much over it. lol The only horror movies I dont watch is the gory types (example Saw). No thank you. lol

    Have a great weekend.

    • A safe padded room is just what I need! Maybe that will help solve my nursery decor problem! 🙂
      Thanks for the horror movie advice. I usually watch movies right before bed, so no wonder I have issues!
      Have an awesome weekend as well!

  4. My daughter had the same injury when she was about 15 monthss. We had to up and leave a birthday party because the bleeding was so bad. I hated listening to her cry the entire way home- it was heartbreaking. My daughter also likes to live life on the dangerous side. One day she decided to jump off her four feet high slide into her ball pit. Did not end so well. She had a huge bump the size of a gulf ball on her forehead. Her little brother (11 months) is not too far behind her. OH MY! Keeps us busy…

    I found you on Bloggy Moms Follow Me I Follow you … love your blog and you daughter is beautiful.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! These injuries have to end some day, right? Good luck with your little boy. Maybe he will be the cautious one of the pair. Stranger things have happened! 🙂

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