Favoritism And Envy

My child is the ultimate Daddy’s Girl. I thought that this was just a passing phase, brought on by the fact that for the past five months, Handsome Husband was off working and we only saw him on the weekends. Now that we are living under the same roof again, things are supposed to change, right? My daughter doesn’t seem to think so.

Case and point: Handsome Husband woke her up this morning. Rather than snuggling up to my chest and falling back to sleep, she decided to follow him around jumping and squealing, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” She only had eyes for him. I sulked and pulled the covers over my head, hoping in vain that maybe he would just carry her to work with him so I could get some sleep.

Yesterday, she had another one of her accidents. Instead of coming to Mommy to make everything all right, she made a beeline for her Papa, only casting a ‘woe-is-me’ glare my direction to gain sympathy. Poor baby. Poor Mommy.

I can’t help but to be a little perturbed at her blatant favoritism. I mean, I’m just as cool as Handsome Husband, right? I don’t terrify her when I read to her by sounding like some strange British sea captain (like Husband does). I sing to her. I have these incredible things on my chest that feed her when she’s hungry. Why am I so envious of my husband for gaining the love of our child?

Does your child exhibit favoritism? Which parent is the favorite in your family? And just how in the world do you cope with it all?!?


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14 Responses to Favoritism And Envy

  1. My son is definitely a Daddy’s boy, even though I’m a stay-home Mom. I’m pretty sure this is because Daddy is the spoiler and Mommy is the mean one that gives him time-outs, groundings and toy/tv restrictions. Yup, I’m Mean.

  2. Mine go back and forth. My son is definitely more of a daddy’s boy and my daughter is definitely more of a mama’s girl though!

    • We were talking about having another child, and I thought it would be quite funny if it was a boy – a mama’s boy 🙂 Our daughter just looks so much like her dad. At least you have one that is always going to take your side and follow you around!

      • Exactly! It is kind of cute that they seem to prefer the same sex parent. I also think part of it is age though. My boy is at that age where daddy is seriously the coolest thing on the planet (3 1/2) and my daughter is still a newbie toddler (19 months…today!) so she really leans heavily on me.
        And our boy really looks like daddy and our girl looks like me! Haha.

  3. Kristina says:

    Thanks for following back at MissMommy! I am followign on Twitter but didn’t see a GFC to follow on. Great blog! 😀

    ~ Kristina

    • Thanks so much! I am not quite sure how GFC works with WordPress. I don’t think ppl can follow me back without subscribing. Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you, Kristina.

  4. april says:

    When my daughter was a lot younger we went through the same phase. She still loves her daddy very much but is aware that he thinks & reacts differently. Ash is 9 now going on 19 it seems. We share so many intrests like make up & shaving & clothes. We love to cook together & watch the same shows. Maybe your daughter will realize the same thing. 🙂 enjoy watching them but at the same time use your quiet time for yourself. Since we rarely do this for ourselves. Always welcome her back with smiles & kisses and never stop trying to do things with her 😉 ash & I we together all the time too. Her dad worked a lot but when he was around she gravitated towards him. 😉 enjoy it all!
    Much love

    • Thanks for sharing with us, April. I guess it’s only a matter of time until Danger reaches that point of awareness like your little one. Her daddy definitely doesn’t share in her love of shoes or glitter… but I do! 🙂 It’s nice to see that I am not in this alone. Big hugs to you, April!

  5. Carrie says:

    My daughter is a mommy’s girl. My hubs works 48 hour shifts and when he comes home she is mad. That’s so hard for us too because he gets so sad about it. My boy could go either way- right now it’s me but it changes all the time.

    • My daughter was a little agitated at her father when he first started working several days away from us, as well. Hopefully your little one will adjust quickly. It took a couple of months for mine, but we got there and now she is glued to her daddy!

  6. My daughter went through this. Everything became “daddy” including me. It broke my heart. I loved that she loved her daddy so much but I was jeaous. After all I grew her for 10 months and labored for 26 hours! The daddy phase passed after several monhts. I am now a stay at home mom and I have become the center of both my daughter and son’s world. They still get excited and run to the door screaming “daddy” but I am the one who makes everthing in the world right- finally!

    • Very encouraging to hear, Melissa! I am hoping that things turn around soon and that I can be her center. I just need to remember that like you, I make everything right in my child’s world 🙂

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