We’re Nuts!

I have to admit – When my good friend told me that she fed her twelve month old son peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, I was more than a little judgmental. After all, the baby books and magazines many of us new moms turn to for advice all shun the idea of feeding peanuts to children under the age of three. The first thought that entered my mind upon hearing my friend’s feeding habits was: How could she put her son at risk? The second thought: At risk of what, exactly?

This second question had me curious, and like most of the other questions that run through my mommy brain every day, I just wouldn’t be satisfied until I did a little bit of looking around on the internet.

After reading about the risks and benefits, I decided to take a more laid-back approach to peanuts. My friend’s child is a healthy, thriving boy. Isn’t it possible that my little Danger could enjoy the benefits of peanuts and be healthy, too?

At first, I introduced peanuts to her in the form of peanut butter waffles. I spread a little peanut butter on a pomegranate waffle and let her dig right in. She really enjoyed the taste. I caught her licking the peanut butter off at several different occasions.

After moving to Atlanta, Handsome Husband got the brilliant idea to boil some peanuts and feed them to Danger. This is by far her favorite treat! She eats more boiled peanuts at one sitting than anything else – even peas, her previous favorite!

Paired with sliced peaches, her love of boiled peanuts proves that we are raising a true Georgia girl. If you’d like, I can post instructions for making Danger’s boiled peanuts.

What are your thoughts on introducing peanuts (or other nuts) to a toddler? Is this something that you have already tried or would like to try? What other foods do you feed your child that are controversial? Please share!


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3 Responses to We’re Nuts!

  1. Heather says:


    I think the peanuts/peanut butter thing is fine over a year of age. I don’t think a baby under 1 should have peanut butter because of the inability to get it off the roof of their mouths and possible choking, but an older toddler under three I think its ok spread on something like waffles, not a spoonful. My 17 month old son has had a few things with peanut butter spread on it and he’s loved it. Great source of protein and good omega 3 for them. I think its ok…and from what I’ve heard if peanut allergies don’t run in your family it should be ok.

    The only thing I started doing that was a little controversial with people, with my little one right before his first birthday was scrambled eggs. The Doctor ordered more fattening foods for him as he’s a skinny little one, and I thought since his first birthday was 3 weeks away it was probably ok.

    I found your button on bloggy moms!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

    • Ah – eggs! My sister did that with my little nephew, too, and he is just fine. We worry so much about what NOT to feed our children that sometimes it becomes a problem to figure out just what we CAN feed them. Thanks for sharing, Heather!

  2. Melissa (@adventuroo) says:

    I thought anything over 1 was okay but why do I know?! Big Roo has been eating PB since he was a toddler. Can’t remember exactly when though. I think it’s perfectly fine as long as it starts small like you did and you watch for signs of an allergy.

    We are addicted to PB around here.

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