The Doubt Monster

I’m starting to have a few doubts.

Either I am about three months pregnant and can feel the baby move – or – I have been very gassy lately. Maybe all those exciting baby kicks I experienced during my first pregnancy were nothing more than gas bubbling up inside of me? That would really stink! We are nowhere near ready to have another child, so here’s hoping for gas (I think?)

Either I am not as “cool” as I would like to sometimes believe that I am – or – I am not getting enough sleep. The fact that I almost fell asleep during a rare evening of socializing with friends last night proves that point. I used to be the lively one of the bunch but now, I really don’t have much to say, besides getting onto my child or fussing at my husband. Sheeze. (But really, he could take the baby for a few minutes so that I can finish one little sentence of discussion, right?!?)

So… yeah. I am starting to have some doubts. Trust me, you would not even want to know about some of the other things I have been considering lately. That would be WAY too much information!

Are you doubting anything in your life right now? How do you overcome those doubts? Coffee, a good book, massage, hard alcohol?! 🙂


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6 Responses to The Doubt Monster

  1. I am starting to doubt that “this too shall pass” when it comes to the baby sleeping through the night! We were doing SO great for a while and now he’s up twice a night or more. Teething, schmeething!

    • Oh how I do remember those days! We used Hyland’s teething gel for our daughter when she was going through that stage, and it helped to knock her out somehow. Best of luck to you and your family.

    • Nicole says:

      I’m having those same doubts and have for the past three years. My daughter has yet to adapt to the sleeping schedule I would like for her to be on. The doctors say she has a high matabalism (sp?) and doesn’t require a lot of sleep. But it will get better with time.

      • Oh bless your heart, Nicole! I had a high metabolism as a child, and it drove my parents crazy. My daughter has hypothyroidism, and can sleep for hours. That can be scary sometimes, although sometimes we just need a break 🙂 Don’t worry about her sleeping habits – that tends to even out over time. Best of luck!

  2. I’ve been doubtful about a lot of things lately. Doubtful and stressed, I guess. I am typically a very postive person, but my life has been a lesson in persaverance and I wonder sometimes why I bother. With so many distractions and responsabilities in my life (5 kids, full time job, non-working fiance’ who all need my undevided attention) sometimes it is hard to step back and regroup. But, that is when I am able to get back on track. A little silence can do wonders.

    • I like to think of myself as a positive person, too. Sometimes small things just make me question both the actions and inactions of my life. I think that a little introspection helps to clear things out of my head so that I can move forward. Here’s hoping for a little bit of silence 😉 Big hugs to you, Carrie, and congratulations {and good luck} on your engagement!

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