The Mother of All Invention – 3

Happy Thursday, friends! Today is my favorite day of the week. We have the entire weekend to look forward to, and I get to share ideas with you all! Please consider sharing your ideas with us – your ideas will be tested and could be featured next Thursday!
Moving on…
Today I would like to share a fun potty-training tip with you. As you might remember, I had potty-trained my daughter before she reached the age of eighteen months, only to have her stop using the potty once we moved in to our new home. To make using the potty more desirable and comfortable for her, I moved her potty into the family room. (A simple, yet rather effective, idea.) It is warmer in here (we have a draft coming in the bathroom window) and I play Elmo’s potty-training song video for her to get her excited about using the potty.
She now runs over to the potty when she feels the urge to go, although she j-u-s-t misses it most of the time. That is perfectly fine. I just want for her to be comfortable and go at her own pace.
Placing the potty in the family room keeps her from feeling like she has to be detached from the heart of our home when she needs to relieve herself. It also reminds her to go, as the potty is always within reach of her in our very tiny but cozy living room. Watching Elmo potty-train on the computer helps to occupy her mind and motivates her to try doing it herself.
Do you have any potty-training tips to share? I would love to hear them! Also, if you would like to give your ideas for making life as a parent easier, I would LOVE to hear those, too! Every mom needs advice and inspiration from time to time.
Keep warm in this beautiful Autumn weather, my dear friends!


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2 Responses to The Mother of All Invention – 3

  1. Tracy says:

    We just started full on potty training at home -the day mom has more success than we do. Using a star chart for every time she uses the potty. 3 stickers on there so far! … and only 2 accidents.

    I agree with you not making a scene when they miss the potty. At least they are recognise the urge to wee and know how te relieve it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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