The Mother Of All Inventions – 4

Up until our recent move, my parents would watch Danger on the event that Handsome Husband and I decided to go out on a date. This did not happen very often, but it was still a nice option to have. We have no one to watch our child now, which makes for some very interesting “dates.”
Would you like an example of how… fun… it can be to never ever have a babysitter on hand? Last week, Handsome Husband and myself decided to go snuggle in the bedroom while our little girl was down for a nap in her room. We were enjoying our snuggles very much when, out of nowhere, I noticed a strange odor coming from somewhere. But where?! Turns out, we had been using a wet diaper as a pillow. It’s amazing to see what things slip through your consciousness when you have no rest from being a responsible parent.
Time alone can be a very necessary part of being a good parent. Sometimes you just need a break to recharge your mind. If having a babysitter nearby isn’t exactly what you have as an option at the moment, please allow me to share our newest technique for having “date night” in our home.
A simple toddler-sized table and chairs set works wonders for any family. I placed our daughter’s adorable Peter Rabbit table and two chairs behind the family table, and let Danger dig in to her food all by herself. Not only did she do an excellent job of feeding herself – and quietly, I might add – but Handsome Husband and I could pretend for a little while that we were having a nice, romantic dinner all alone. Without baby sitting between us, squirming, and demanding attention, we were able to carry on an actual conversation! Needless to say, the dining room is the new home for Danger’s table and chairs set. She learns independence, and the grown-ups learn more about each other.
What have you done lately to improve your life as a parent? Do you have any interesting or unique ideas to share? Please comment away! Your idea could be featured and attributed next week – and is MUCH needed and appreciated by all of us moms!


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