An Inconvenient Day

I cannot remember the last week that has passed without some major recall being announced. Can you? We have to worry about feeding our children frozen peas that have GLASS shards mixed in. We worry about the cribs that our babies sleep in and the strollers that we stroll with. We even have to worry about the teething remedies that we use to soothe our children’s pain. It is with the Hyland’s teething tablet recall in mind that I present you with a very inconvenient, yet so very true, look at our FDA.

The government is here to do us good, right? As an extension of the government, the FDA exists solely to inform us and protect us from the many evils that abound in big business. Right? Um…

In man-handling Standard Homeopathic Company and releasing the highly peculiar statement about the teething tablets, the FDA has successfully discredited yet another natural remedy that many parents have used and trusted for years.

“The FDA has not evaluated Hyland’s Teething Tablets for safety or efficacy, and is not aware of any proven clinical benefit offered by the product.”

I can assure you of this: Hyland’s teething products WORK. I use the teething gel on my daughter, and even used it on myself when I had my wisdom teeth removed last year. I was breastfeeding, and did not want to use harsh painkillers that would only be passed through my milk to my daughter’s eager mouth. I took acetaminophen and used Hyland’s teething gel to soothe my pain. That covers the efficacy part of the highly contentious statement.

As for the safety argument, let me add this: There is 0.0002 milligrams of Belladonna per pill. Even if there are slight variations of the amount, this amount is still thousands of times smaller than what has proven to cause even minor issues. Do you know of any parent that keeps THOUSANDS of teething tablets in stock? I don’t.

Let’s compare Hyland’s teething tablets with Baby Orajel, the most commonly used OTC drug to treat teething pain. Baby Orajel’s active ingredient is: Benzocaine. For those of you that do not know, Benzocaine numbs the area by creating a barrier that stops sodium from entering the nerve ending.  Because of its chemical structure, Benzocaine is responsible for many allergic reactions, and can cause methemoglobinemia and increase the risk for pulmonary aspiration. When the gag-reflex is numbed, various secretions from baby’s mouth can enter the airway and cause death. Methemoglobinemia, another side-effect of Benzocaine use, results in tissues not receiving adequate oxygen.

Which remedy seems safer? The Hyland’s teething tablets, which a child would have to take thousands of to cause death, or Baby Orajel, the active ingredient of which causes issues frequently? It is so sad to me that one of the warnings on the tube of Baby Orajel says to not use if your baby has a history of allergic reactions to “caine” drugs. Most babies have never had any kind of “caine” or other drugs. Why take the risk when there are safer alternatives? I do not pretend to understand the FDA’s motives in attacking Standard Homeopathic Company for the Hyland’s teething tablets, but I do know this – there is an attack on the natural lifestyle, and it will continue as long as we turn a blind eye to the situation.

Please use caution and common sense when dealing with your child’s pain. There are natural remedies out there. My friend, Aimie, lists a few on her blog. Have you tried any natural teething remedies that were effective? Please feel free to share! My daughter’s aching gums thank you!

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One Response to An Inconvenient Day

  1. Laura says:

    AGREED. We are actually still using our Hyland’s tablets, despite the recall. Those and another homepathic remedy that is mostly chamomile, without the belladonna, that comes in liquid form. They both work wonders and our little ones loves them!

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