Toddlers In Costume – Trick or Treat?

Sneak peek of one of Danger's homemade costumes!

Someone asked a question the other day that got me thinking…

What age do you consider to be TOO young to go trick-or-treating?

So often, we focus our negative Halloween attention on teenagers that are just out trying to get some free candy loot. Rarely do we consider the infant in costume. Are Snickers bars really the best choice for a 6-month-old?

When will your child start the trick-or-treating tradition?

Have a very happy and safe Halloween weekend! Trick-or-treating begins in my small hometown tonight and continues through tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll take little Danger out to get some chocolate 😉 I would love to see your trick-or-treating pictures, so make sure that you share the link here!


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4 Responses to Toddlers In Costume – Trick or Treat?

  1. Eschelle says:

    if you have only one kid i would say as soon as they can walk while holding your hand your good to go trick or treating lol! if you have two well the baby is in the buggy anyways so might as well dress em up and give em a bucket! Means candy for you!

  2. First of all thanks for posting my jewelry website! Second, Did you knit that hat?? Third, I agree that once kids are old enough to hold your hand and walk they are old enough to go trick or treating, obviously with limitations on candy. We r taking sophia this year unfortunately I procrastinated on making her costume so we had to o get one at Party City. Still cute, but Im sure not as cute as yours!

    • I did make the hat 🙂 I learned how to crochet from my husband, and made her a hat and some sleeves for her costume. I also made a tutu to go with it. I LOVE blabla kids toys! How is Sophia liking her Aqua Lee doll? I can’t wait to see her Halloween pictures! 🙂

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