Wordy Wednesday

I realize that Halloween is past us, but I just had to share this picture of my little pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. She is wearing a tutu, tee, hat and bow that I made after learning how to create her  Josefine look. We had many people stop us to tell us that she was the prettiest little pumpkin at the patch, and I did take pride in this. Hey, after losing my pre-baby body, I will take whatever compliments that I can get!

I am taking my creative side to a new level. I have been working on bows for a few months now. I am trying to get a stockpile of bows, tutus, and possibly even crochet goodness together so that I can offer a wide assortment for sale in my shop. I probably have enough now, as I’ve been working like a mad-woman, but I would like to wait until this blog has a steady 1,000+ unique visitors per month to open up shop. At that point, I’ll be doing a week of giveaways, so make sure that you help me spread the word about my little blog! 😉

Now… you may remember that I set a goal back in August to have my daughter’s room completed by Halloween. Well… that didn’t happen. So as punishment to myself, I have decided to start working out. Once I post about why I haven’t worked out in years, you will understand just how much of a punishment this actually is. New goal = Thanksgiving. I hope that I can finish her darling little room by then. If not, I will let you ladies decide what I should do to punish myself! Sound good?

I hope that you are all doing well and are recovered from this weekend’s sugar rush. Take care, my friends! Don’t forget to enter the BabyLegs giveaway while you’re here!


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