Baby, It’s Cold INSIDE!

I refuse to accept this cold weather. I have barely worn tees that need to be loved… Not to mention Danger’s massive warm weather wardrobe! Her cold weather collection is looking pretty scanty considering the weather that we are now experiencing in Atlanta. And to be perfectly honest, this cold weather is wreaking havoc on my body! Trust me – You do not want to see the dried out, flaking skin on my stems. Ick. The tips of my fingers and toes stay consistently red and prune-like. I fear for my nose and ears if I ever have to walk out the door of my home!

Ok, now that I’ve sufficiently complained for the good, oh, ten minutes or so that it took for me to write the above paragraph, please allow me to share my absolute favorite thing about this cold weather season – the holidays! One holiday in particular stands out as my very favorite. Any guesses?

Most of you would call it Christmas. We call it Festivus (as in “Festivus for the rest of us” from Seinfeld). Sure, we celebrate Christmas, too. We are Christian, and do take the time to appreciate and rejoice in Christ’s birth. The materialistic and commercial aspects of “Christmas” are part of our Festivus holiday celebration. I just couldn’t stand the thought of denying my child the joy of opening presents at any occasion.

Pic from eBay ad - These are still available 😉

I have found some great things for her to unwrap this Festivus. My very favorite? This vintage Fisher Price Little People dollhouse! We (and by “we” I totally mean “I”) found this fantastic dollhouse on Craigslist as part of a set. Sometimes kismet just falls into your lap. I had been coveting this dollhouse in particular for a while, and had been stalking eBay for a good deal. Fifteen bucks for a vintage dollhouse and accessories that are all in excellent condition? Don’t mind if I do 🙂

Maybe Danger’s already played with the dollhouse a time or two dozen, but it will be wrapped up in love on Festivus. Do you have a favorite gift that you’ve purchased this holiday season? Please share! Many of us haven’t even started shopping for gifts this year, and any suggestions would be much appreciated (especially vintage-inspired gift ideas *ahem*). Stay warm, my friends!


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4 Responses to Baby, It’s Cold INSIDE!

  1. Shanna says:

    I just love this gift! Adorable. I remember having one of thse. I like peoples! I found a lovely peoples holiday ornament the same week that I adopted my 2 youngest children. The ornament has 3 peoples all differnt colored shirts on a sled! I just had to have it. Excited that they have come back out with peoples Please visit me I would love for you to follow me and face book friend me. I can also be found on Twitter @craftsexaminer(crafts examiner)Thanks!

  2. Eschelle says:

    I had that EXACT dollhouse, but i have never laid eyes on any of those ppl lol, guess i just got the dollhouse. Wow i remember that whole thing, and that doorbell!! OMG I WANT IT BACK!!

    • I don’t know if the ppl are original to the dollhouse. The people I got from this set came from a few different sets, I believe. lol If you look on eBay, you can find some just like this. (Fisher Price 952 dollhouse) Happy hunting!

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