Those Funny Consonants

My daughter is 21 months old and her vocabulary is bigger than mine. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but really, this kid is smart. She has started doing something lately that is kind of strange. She makes a “t” sound at the end of some words. Examples? “Bookt” (book); “Readt” (read)… hmm… those are the only ones I can think of right now. Maybe this ‘problem’ isn’t such a big deal.

Last Thursday night, my daughter told me, “Love you,” and then gave me a huge hug and kiss. That was the first time that she ever told me that without saying, “Bye-bye,” first! I just had to share that with you 🙂

Is your child talking? What kinds of fun things do they say? Please share!

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3 Responses to Those Funny Consonants

  1. Rheanna says:

    My daughter’s vocab has really shot off!!! I notice especially when she and my 4 year old are having a conversation. They’ll just have these really long conversations about what they are doing, what they are playing…..i’m going to put this lego on here brudder and things like that. I’ve definitely noticed it more with this second one then with my son…but that’s obviously because she has him to learn from and mimic. It’s pretty cool.

  2. Eschelle says:

    I love kids when they talk, listening to my little man explain something to me puts the biggest smile on my face lol; so funny!

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