Give Until It Feels Good

Ever heard the expression “Give until it hurts”? I would like to pose a challenge to you, one that I am already dealing with: Give until it feels good.

Those of you that I have spoken with know that I do not have much to give. I do not own my own home, and sometimes we have a hard time scraping money together each month to pay our bills (the result of having a commission-only career). One thing that I do believe in fully and wholeheartedly is that if there is any way that I can give back to another family, I am going to do it. There are always people worse off than I am, and sadly, I do not have to look far these days to find them.

I have been struggling with donating both money and food to people lately because, well, I really do not have much at all to give. The old saying “Give until it hurts” was finally getting the best of me, and I was almost ready to give up. Almost.

Then something exciting happened. I was having a conversation with one of my friends and he introduced me to his radical new motto — to give until it feels good. He opened my eyes and helped me to push back against these feelings of despair. I decided to not just give back as usual, but to give back a little more. We still have money to pay our bills and to buy food, but we also have the satisfaction of helping to make a difference in someone’s life, even if only a small one.

Times are tough for everyone, but I would like to encourage each and every one of you to dig a little deeper. You just might be surprised at how much more you have to be thankful for!

In the spirit of the holidays past and future, tell me: How do you give back to the people in your life?


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4 Responses to Give Until It Feels Good

  1. Eschelle says:

    I am going to do the same thing that i did for thanksgiving. (i took turkey sandwiches and a bunch of new socks down to downtown Vancouver, and handed a pair of socks, and a sandwich to as many homeless in need people I could.) I can’t afford much but a meal and a pair of socks would be nice in the winter. At Christmas of course it will be cookies and ham sandwiches lol 🙂

    • That is very kind of you, Eschelle! Socks and sandwiches – I would have never have thought to do that before. Thanks for the idea and for your generosity in your community! Big hugs to you!

  2. Greg says:

    Sometimes it’s important to remember there is more to giving than $$. I like you am finding I have less money, and more bills. But I give with something that is more valuable, give of your time. And remember people that need your time (the neighbor, the local shelter, or local non-profit) need time throughout the year, not just the holiday season!

    • I totally agree. Many organizations hurt around the holidays, as staff members and volunteers travel and take time off. Giving of our time is always an important thing to do, no matter what time of year. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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