Liquid Gold

One of the most unpleasant results of trying new foods can be gas. Toddlers are more susceptible to the discomfort than adults. Let’s face it – we know what causes our gas, and can avoid potential “irritants.” Toddlers, on the other hand, try all sorts of new foods, and with this trial and error comes plenty of tummy aches. I remember staying up with my daughter one night, rubbing her tummy and pumping her full of Infant Mylicon to soothe her gas pains. Fortunately for my little girl, I found a natural product that does more than just relieve her of gas pains – it also soothes her eczema and brings us closer through massage.

Weleda was the first and only wash and lotion that we use on Danger’s skin. The calendula baby wash doesn’t irritate her sensitive skin, and I feel good about putting something natural on her body. You know what they say – what goes ON your baby goes IN your baby! That’s why I was super relieved to find the Weleda Baby Tummy Oil. I can use it liberally on Danger’s tummy to relieve discomfort, and even use it on myself when I eat something wrong.

Gas relief is only one of the amazing ways that Weleda Baby Tummy Oil has helped my family. I use it to lock in moisture after a shower, and it really soothes my eczema-ridden skin. My husband and I both use it as a shaving oil to prevent rash. Danger likes it for a little massage. I’m telling you – this product is spectacular!

I wholeheartedly recommend Weleda‘s line of products, and look forward to trying out some of their other items in the near future. You can find Weleda products at Whole Foods, Target, online, and at other major retailers.

If you’re really serious about giving your child the best start in life, I suggest trying the natural route. Weleda works and is well worth every little penny!

My love affair with Weleda is totally one-sided, so long as this review is concerned. I was not contacted by Weleda to write a review, nor did I receive payment for this review. All opinions are from my own experiences with the Weleda products mentioned.


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