Possibly The Cutest Girly Gift This Year

While shopping for my little girl, I came across the loveliest little creatures. How many times have you happened upon a toy that brought tears to your eyes? The Calico Critters collection definitely had that effect on me, although I haven’t the slightest idea as to why.

These cute fuzzy toys come in family groupings – from pig to elephant to various types of cat and bunny. Each family is well-dressed and oh-so-sweetly named. I’m not a big fan of the price tag on this collection, but I’d rather pay a little more for these cuties than get a hundred Littlest Pet Shop toys for the same price. {My daughter is very intrigued by the LPS toys, so no, I am not ‘knocking’ them.}

Have you happened across these Calico Critters in your local Toys R Us? What are your thoughts?

I seem to remember playing with some critters like these back in the 80s or early 90s, but I can’t be certain that they are the same. If you know what I’m describing, please let me know! 🙂


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2 Responses to Possibly The Cutest Girly Gift This Year

  1. June says:

    I DO know what you’re talking about, but only because we just inherited a set that came from a garage sale that a friend passed along. The set came with it’s original “catalog” and they were called “Sylvanian Families” back in the 80’s. I never had them, but I love these things and my 4 year old got the panda family for Hanukkah and is getting this garage sale find on Christmas morning.

    Wish I had known about the TRU sale too, because I just bought a cat family for the baby in hopes she’ll stop stealing the pandas :). They are so adorable, and sit so much better in my moral center than the littest pet shop things do. Apparently there is (was) also an animated series of cartoons that went along with the Sylvanian families. You can also get coloring pages from the Calico Critters web site.

    • What a fantastic garage sale find! Aren’t these toys simply the cutest? We just bought the Hopscotch rabbit family for my little one. I haven’t seen the animated show yet, but I will look for it online. Thanks for stopping by, June!

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