Not Your Typical Lightweight

Holiday shopping can be so much fun, but that often means that we put aside shopping for practical items in lieu of showering our friends and loved ones with whimsical treasures. This year, I have made a list of items that need to be replaced or purchased that will improve the quality of my life and ease some of the stress that comes along with parenting.

One of the items on my list is a new stroller. We currently use a Combi Cosmo stroller, and although it is a good model (and great for the price!), it has started to show some signs of wear that make it necessary for us to find a replacement model. I have been considering: a Kelty Joyrider for those days that I want to go for a brisk wintry jog with my daughter; a Bugaboo Chameleon for those days that I want to strut around in the ‘fancy’ mall near my home; and a Chicco Cortina for those days that I want to keep baby warm and cozy, wherever life takes us. With all of the different brands available, I noticed one big thing: Do I really have to sacrifice style for comfort?

The Tour Model

I am very pleased to introduce to you all a very lovely baby gear collection from Great Britain that is now available in the U.S. – Mamas & Papas. While I am a huge fan of the luxurious Urbo stroller, I think that everyone needs a great lightweight, everyday stroller. The Mamas & Papas collection of lightweight strollers are all so lovely, and come in a wide range of models to accommodate any lifestyle or mood that you are in.

The Voyage Model

My favorite model is called Voyage. It has “everything you need for any weather, every day,” and priced at $329.99, it doesn’t break the bank, either. The thing that really sets this particular stroller apart for me is all of the extra padding to keep baby comfortable. I worry sometimes that my wee one is being jostled about in her current stroller, so the plush padding and removable toddler cushion would help set my mind at ease while I’m taking baby for a stroll.

I’m nowhere near making a final decision on which new stroller to buy, but the introduction of the Mamas & Papas collection has definitely inspired me to keep my standards high and to not sacrifice style for comfort.

Mamas & Papas offers a stylish and affordable assortment of strollers, making it almost impossible to not be impressed by this fabulous British line. Find your ideal stroller today by visiting Babies R Us.

Mamas & Papas also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, so you can keep up-to-date with all of the exciting new products and sales. I cannot stress how rewarding it is to follow brands online, as I have found many new products at deep discounts through the use of social media. And let’s face it – we could all use a little extra money in our pockets these days!

For more information, please visit the Mamas & Papas page at Mom Bloggers Club. 

This is a sponsored post for a chance to win one of five Mama & Papas strollers. When making a big purchase, such as a stroller or other baby gear item, it is best to try one out in the stores before buying to ensure the best fit and ease of use.

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