SWAGG Review

In today’s world, there’s an app for pretty much every thing you can think of: calculating tips, playing games, finding destinations – there’s an app somewhere. My favorite app thus far deals with calculating tips. I’m not trying to sound like Old Man Seinfeld here, but math just isn’t my forte, and when paying someone the appropriate amount for services rendered, I’d like to get it right. But I digress…

There’s a new app called SWAGG that is supposed to make all of your wallet clutter disappear into a digital file for an easier, better organized shopping experience. You can load loyalty/membership cards and gift cards into this app and pull them up when you need them. You can check balances and points at any time right from your handheld device. Sounds pretty cool, right?

I was recently given a $20 credit to use for review of the SWAGG app. Here’s my take:

  • You have to have an internet connection for this app to work at the store, so even though SWAGG is supposed to work with iPod touch, I don’t recommend using that as your source unless you can tether your iPod to another device or wireless connection. SWAGG is for Apple and Droid mobile devices ONLY and is also only available for download in the U.S.
  • SWAGG does not work on online purchases, at least not in the sense that you can pay for your purchases using the gift card function. When you try to redeem the gift card at, say, American Eagle, SWAGG hooks you up with a temporary Discover card number, which is used to pay for that particular transaction. This would possibly work if your purchase total was less than you have loaded on your SWAGG gift card – if you go over even one penny, your transaction is cancelled. Wanna know why? It’s because some websites are not set up to allow for two credit card payments. If SWAGG gave you a gift card number rather than a credit card number, you could make the purchase easily.
  • When checking out in-store, make sure you don’t hand your device to the cashier when it prompts you to do so. Otherwise, the cashier will have to watch a YouTube video before punching in your temporary credit card number. (Not good for long holiday lines!) Simply make sure you skip the video and then hand the information over to avoid pissing the cashier off. I’m just saying…

At this time, I cannot recommend the SWAGG app to my readers. That being said, I do see potential for this app to become better. I will probably try it again at some point, but only to hold my loyalty card information and NOT for gift cards. A good thing about this app is that for every download until the end of this year, SWAGG will donate one dollar to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Do you have a favorite app? (Or even a least favorite?) Please share!

I was paid $20 to review this app and by posting this review, I am eligible to win a customized iPad. All opinions are from my own experiences using SWAGG. I tried it out online, on an iPod touch, and ultimately made my purchase using a Droid phone (HTC Incredible).


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