Our 2010 In Pictures

I’m having a difficult time letting 2010 go. I think this stems from the realization that my daughter will be turning TWO years old in February, and 2010 held special memories of her developmental milestones that I never want to forget. So… for your viewing pleasure… and a way for me to gain closure to the year past… Here is our 2010 in photo essay form.


My sweet little girl whirled all around the house, leaving a disaster zone every place that she visited. (But you’ve gotta love that cute chipmunk smile!)


Danger enjoyed running around in the snow (well, except for that one time I slipped and dropped her face-first. Oops.) This is Georgia, so it is very rare for there to be snow actually sticking to the ground. This was a big.deal.


To celebrate the beginning of spring, we had the “Spring Bunny” deliver a basket full of, oh, 100 or so Cadbury eggs, shiny bangle bracelets, tiny dolls, a fabric flower, and a flower headband to our little Danger baby. We also attended several Easter egg hunts. One particular occasion just so happened to be located in a cemetery. Yeahhh… That wasn’t creepy. Danger loved to pick up an occasional egg, but mostly, she was just interested in the pretty weeds scattered about.


Danger attended a safari-themed birthday party for her friend, Em. The kiddos were asked to dress in costume, so I bought this adorable tutu set and stitched the wings onto the tutu band to create a dress. There are bumble bees in the wild, yeah?!


In May, we took little Danger to the beach. It was her first time seeing the ocean and the sand. She hated both. We took several long walks down the beach, but she just would not let us put her down. Finally, on the very last day of our trip, she warmed up to seashells.


We dedicated Danger at our home church on June 5. She was 14 months old that day, and although that is old compared to most other baby dedications, I think that she got something out of it by being aware. After her dedication, we had a picnic with most of our friends and family members.


For our 5-year wedding anniversary, Handsome Husband took Danger and I to Ruby Falls in Tennessee. I had never been before that, and I was blown away! Danger… eh… Let’s just say that babies do not belong in small caves hundreds (thousands?) of feet below the Earth’s surface.


Danger turned 18 months, and to celebrate, we took a few pictures of her and her cousin Liam dressed in vintage baby apparel. So stinking cute, right?!


We bought Danger a swing from IKEA. She loved to go “whee” in her swing. (It was only 14 bucks, if anyone is interested…)


We took a family trip to the Pumpkin Patch. My daughter loved wearing her new pumpkin tutu, and we got many compliments that she was the loveliest little pumpkin in the patch. 🙂


In November, we rented a cabin in beautiful Helen, GA with some of our very best friends. We took a hike at Anna Ruby Falls, which was the loveliest waterfall I’ve seen. Of course my child would be toting two babies along the way (one of which she stole from her pal.)


OK, to be perfectly honest here, I have not gotten around to downloading most of our December pictures from my camera. This picture was taken shortly after our Festivus card picture, and Danger was cheezin’ it up for the camera. She is such a sweetheart.

What special memories did 2010 hold for you? Did you post a piece about 2010 on your blog? If so, please share the link! I hope that all of you have a very special and blessed 2011! Take care, my friends.


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7 Responses to Our 2010 In Pictures

  1. Eschelle says:

    lovely post!! What a great way to look at the last year!

  2. Lisa says:

    Really cute photos! Love the one of her little pumpkin tutu. And she looks so grown up in the most recent one.

    Would love for you to follow my new blog ~ http://BlessOthersWithCards.blogspot.com

    Lisa xoxo

  3. Yummy tutu. Every girl should have a tutu…! Love the pics. Thanks for sharing. Nice to think of some of the things we have to look forward to as my baby just turned one!! 😀

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