A Snowy Surprise

It never snows in Georgia. We seem to be enjoying quite a bit of the frozen white stuff this winter, which brings me to this question: Where’s all that global warming that we’ve been warned about? 🙂

My little Danger loves to play in the snow so much that her daddy thought it would be a brilliant idea to have her outside alllll day yesterday. Thankfully, neither one of them are sick today.

What do you think? Should we move somewhere colder – like Montana – or return to the only place we can truly call home: Arizona.

We have been discussing the benefits of another move out West ever since we arrived back in Georgia. Not that there’s anything wrong with Georgia, but we were well-suited for the climate and western lifestyle that Arizona offers.

Where are you from? Do you get a lot of snow each winter?


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3 Responses to A Snowy Surprise

  1. Eschelle says:

    horay for snow!! we got some great snow last night… then it started to rain around 2am-ish and it all turned to mounds of slush… gross…

  2. Eschelle says:

    my sister lives in Arizona she loves it 🙂

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