Life In Oslo

I’ve heard it said that a mother’s life is contained in her diaper bag. That may not be true for all of us, but it does ring true to me. Since becoming a parent, I’ve noticed that I cannot leave the house without my bag. The tools that are necessary to my parenting adventure can easily fit into my new favorite diaper bag, the líllébaby Oslo.

I can fit everything that I need (and then some!) into this bag, and it all stays organized thanks to the spacious interior and 14 pockets. If you’ve ever had to fish around in a cluttered bag for your keys or snacks with a screaming child in tow, you’ll know how big of a difference just one second can make. With this fantastic bag and the 14 smart pockets, finding objects in a split-second just got incredibly simple.

My favorite feature of the líllébaby Oslo is hiding under the front bag flap – two pockets that hold dry tissue and wet wipes. This makes cleaning up snotty, runny messes (and diaper changes) easier. The wipes are zipped up in a plastic pouch with a flap, so when I need a wet wipe, I just yank it out. Pretty simple, right?

The líllébaby Oslo has a very elegant and classy shape, and comes in beautiful solid colors – red, silver, black, and brown. The design of this bag is very gender-neutral, making it an ideal bag for both mom and dad.  While I use it to tote around snacks, diapers, juice boxes, and lipstick, my husband has actually used it as a laptop bag for our MacBook on more than one occasion. This bag does double-duty!

The líllébaby Oslo is one of the most affordable options for parents on the go. It wipes clean, and can be worn three ways: over the shoulder, across the body, or as a backpack. This bag can even attach to most strollers, leaving stroller storage space free for shopping bags.

You can purchase the líllébaby Oslo diaper bag from online retailers, such as Scandinavian Child. **(HINT: this bag is 25% off this week only at Scandinavian Child!)** If you’re looking for a quality diaper bag that is just as functional as it is beautiful, I recommend checking out the líllébaby Oslo.

I was not contacted by líllébaby or Scandinavian Child to write a review. As the proud owner of a líllébaby Oslo, I wanted to share my personal experiences and opinions relating to this bag. All opinions are my own.


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4 Responses to Life In Oslo

  1. Erin Lane says:

    Thanks for the great write-up! We really appreciate it.

  2. Husband says:

    This bag is pretty cool. Items are in fact easy to find, and the styling does not make me feel like Mr. Mom on that rare occasion that I am carrying it.

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