A Candy-Free Easter

My daughter is on a vegan diet. This is not usually a problem, as the most nutritious foods are those that are unprocessed and whole. However, the vegan lifestyle can be difficult at holidays or birthdays. One big candy-filled holiday is looming on the horizon, and for this, I have had to get creative. My daughter is getting potatoes in her Easter basket.


Yes. On a recent thrifting trip to the local Goodwill, I picked up a bag full of Mr. Potato heads and pieces for under 5 bucks. Score! This set includes: 4 regular-sized Mr. Potato heads, 5 potato spuds, and at least 50 pieces (including the Mermaid spud set!)

I plan on stocking up her Easter basket with all of these goodies in lieu of candy. As a child, I had baskets full of candy and small toys, which was so fun. I am not knocking anyone’s decision to give candy to kids – it just doesn’t work well for a vegan family.

Do you make Easter baskets from scratch or buy them pre-filled? What seems to be the most popular items with your kids? I always loved those Cadbury eggs… Yummy!

Also – I’m looking for some fun and creative Easter-themed crafts to make with my toddler. If you have any on your blog (or know of a good site to find them) please link up in the comments! I’d love to see your ideas!

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