Off My Chest

I am in the process of doing something that I swore to myself that I would never ever do: I am weaning my child off of breastmilk without her consent.

I had planned on waiting until she was “ready” to be weaned – when her feedings gradually decreased, and when she had a steady and consistent appetite for table foods. At two years of age, my toddler is no longer a baby and to be really honest here, I am starting to get a little uncomfortable with our feeding time. This has been a very sad but inevitable part of my reality lately: my child is growing up so fast and there is nothing that I can do about it.

We are weaning off the breast, out of our bed, and trying to get her to use the toilet again. These next few weeks are going to be the hardest that I’ve endured since my daughter’s birth two years ago. I will keep you all posted on our progress, but in the meantime, I really need some support and encouragement. I just feel so terrible refusing my daughter’s request for, “Milk. Want some, mommy?” As I type this, tears are filling my eyes as I watch my husband prepare a sippy cup of almond milk for my daughter.

I know that weaning has to happen at some point, but that sure does not make it any easier for my mother’s heart to handle.

If you’ve been through parent-led weaning before and have any advice, I would love to hear it. Thank you in advance for your support. I really appreciate it.


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5 Responses to Off My Chest

  1. eschelle says:

    kudos to you for doing it for so long!! I think the longest i breast fed was three months. Constantly ate and I just couldn’t handle having to stop everything i was doing to feed… then the teeth came super early for both kids and I had enough at that point lol!!

    All you can do is stay strong and maybe while shes drinking her milk etc you can just sit with her and a book, might not be breastfeeding but you’re making the time special for both of you nonetheless.

    • Thank you, Eschelle. It definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to get into, but it’s just so hard to stop now. I feel like I’m cheating my daughter of our special time. I did try your suggestion, and snuggled up with her while she chugged her almond milk and just smelled her hair. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was still so very nice.

  2. Rebecca says:

    You can do this! Stay strong. It is a sad and difficult thing to do but you both will be just fine. Hold you head up and know you did a great job with nursing your girl for so long.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I know I did the right thing with nursing her, and we did make it past what I had hoped for. At first, I said only til she’s 6 months… then 12… then 18… then 2 years. At that point, I’ve slowly just started to dread nursing. I don’t know if it’s the same with everyone. Thanks for your support!

  3. racheous says:

    No advice. I’m encouraging weaning as gently as I can with my 16 month old (for fertility… something I NEVER thought I would do) and finding so many aspects of it difficult 😦 Just wanting to say I think you are doing an amazing job and I can totally sympathise with the tear-filled eyes when they ask. My son signs milk and says “tah booby?” and it’s so hard to choose to distract/refuse/offer alternatives when really, I would rather give in.

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