You’ve Just Got To thinkbaby

From the very first moment that I laid my eyes on the thinkbaby sippy cup, I knew that I would love it. This cup is very sleek and gender neutral. It has a great lid that snaps on easily to protect the spout from contamination, and the large handles make this cup especially easy to grasp for toddler. My two-year-old prefers to take this cup with her on our evening strolls around the neighborhood, most likely because it is so easy to grip onto.

Another feature of the thinkbaby sippy that needs to be addressed is the spout. I turned this cup over, shook it, and still – no leaks. One of the hazards of letting baby be more independent is the unavoidable mess that comes along with independence. I am pleased to say that there have been no messes at my home caused by the thinkbaby cup. There are no leaks, and my daughter has been unable to screw the top off (which is a major problem we’ve had with other products with twist-off tops.)

By far the most impressive aspect of this cup is the materials that it is made of. The spout is composed of silicone, which makes the transition from bottle to sippy cup much easier. You will find no harmful plastics, such as BPA, in the manufacturing of this product. A sippy that is healthy for baby AND the environment? Yes, please!

I am super impressed with the quality and durability of the thinkbaby sippy cup. In the spirit of Earth Day, what are some of your favorite tips/products for raising a green baby?

thinkbaby provided a 9 ounce sippy cup for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions shared in this post reflect the author’s personal experiences with this product.


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