A Vegan Easter

It’s very hard to be the parent of a vegan child sometimes, especially at the holidays. Easter is the most challenging holiday in our family (Hello, Peeps! Cadbury Eggs! Jellybeans!) It seems that everywhere we turn, there’s a pastel-colored confection just waiting to be enjoyed.

Easter egg hunts are another story. What kind of parent would I be if I did not allow my child to participate in such a fun, time-honored tradition? 😉 I enjoyed the egg hunt so much as a child, and my daughter gets such a kick out of “shopping” for eggs to put into her “pocketbook” that I would not want to deny her this experience. It’s hard, though.

As more people turn to filling plastic eggs with all sorts of sugary goodness, you would think that Easter might just become a little more vegan-friendly. Not so much. Last weekend, we attended an Easter egg hunt in my hometown, and out of the 28 eggs that my daughter very enthusiastically collected, she was only able to eat the contents of two eggs. Sad. I had to be a trooper and eat the other 26.

So… what is the solution?

Well, I empty her eggs and then refill them with healthier options. Things like oyster crackers, raisins, almonds, and cereal o’s all make great treats for toddlers. When my little girl goes to her basket in search of a snack, she can pop open an egg with a healthy treat inside.

After Easter has passed, we store her plastic eggs for the next year’s activities. This saves us money and is easier on the environment.

What kinds of snacks would you fill your child’s eggs with? Are you the parent of a vegan child? It’s not always easy, but it sure does seem to help our daughter.


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