Potty Training Help

My daughter was potty trained before the age of 18 months. Right after that milestone, we moved away from family and into the big city of Atlanta. New home, new faces, new problems. My once potty trained toddler now struggles to even sit atop her once beloved throne.

Enter The Potty Book and DVD Set For Girls from Barron’s Educational Series. This lovely set is a must-have for any potty training family. The potty song is very catchy (although I must admit – it can be a little bit annoying at times.) That being said, I have heard my daughter break out into this song M-A-N-Y times over the past week, and it is adorable every single time.

As for the rest of the DVD, I am very pleased with the way that the potty training story is presented. It is a gentle, non-stressful approach to training. When the little girl, Hannah, makes “pee” or “poop” in her diaper, it’s not the end of the world. Accidents happen sometimes: she gets cleaned up, and goes on to play some more.

I really like this approach to potty training. It is easy sometimes to shame the child into using the potty, but let me tell you – this does not work! Making comments about how bad your child smells, that they are too old to use a diaper, etc. do nothing to train. These behaviors only lead to the child’s refusal to use the potty.

The Potty Book For Girls is a condensed version of the DVD. My daughter loves to read this book with me, and even carries it with her to sit on the potty (along with her Teddy, just like Hannah’s one in the book/DVD set.)

Overall, I would definitely recommend this purchase for any parent struggling to potty train a little girl. With gentle encouragement and a friendly lead character, my daughter is back on track to using her potty again. I’m ready to say, “Bye bye diapers!” once and for all! How about you?

What books, DVDs, or other gear have helped you potty train your child?

Barron’s Educational Series provided me with a copy of The Potty Book and DVD Set For Girls to review. All opinions expressed in this review come from my own personal experiences with this product and may not be the same experiences as other customers. 


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