Word To Your Mama

As you know, it is almost Mother’s Day: a day to celebrate you. 

But to be honest, it’s not enough time to thank you for what you do.

So I’ll take time out of every day to let you know you are missed,

And I’ll hope… and I’ll pray… that I turned out as you’d wished.

Haha, all lame poem-writing aside, I love my mother very much. She has been my best friend for most of my life, even through the rebellious years of my youth. Some people say that you never truly appreciate your parents until you become a parent. Maybe this is true, I’m still deciding on that one (I’d like to think that I’ve always placed my parents in high regard… but they might tell you otherwise ;))

Anyhow, I absolutely adore my mother. She is sweet, gracious, elegant, and funny in that not-actually-funny-but-so-cute kind of way. My daughter is absolutely enamored with her GheGhe and asks to call her on the phone every.single.day when she wakes up.

It makes me kind of sad that we won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day this year, because I would very much like to give my mom a big hug and let her know that I love her oh-so-much. Instead, we will most likely end up sitting around in our house. Fun stuff. Gas is expensive, folks!

What do you plan on doing for Mother’s Day? Do you have any “good” poetry that you would like to share? I still need to make a card for my sweet mama. 😉

And nooo – I didn’t forget about you. Happy Mother’s Day to you, as well! As my gift to you, here’s a link to some of the best crafting mom blogs (as per Babble’s Top 50). Go ahead… Make something!

Have the most wonderful weekend. Big hugs!


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