A Bed Fit For A Princess (Part 2)

After two months of research, waiting, and stress-inducing, head-spinning deliberation, I am excited to report that we have finally selected and purchased a mattress for little Danger.

As you may recall, I was leaning toward purchasing an organic mattress from Naturepedic. The Naturepedic mattresses are organic and are reasonably priced. Poor customer service might have played a role in why I decided to choose another product. Maybe. I’ve heard it said that every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the company that manufactures said product. I am not sure about you, dear reader, but I do not wish to cast a vote (or two hundred) for someone with bad customer service, no matter how much I admire the product being sold. But I digress…

Another mattress that appealed to me was the Naturalmat Coco Mat. It is quite a bit more expensive than the Naturepedic line, but also seems to be made of higher quality materials. The problem that I had with Naturalmat is that my daughter and I are both very allergic to coconut, and as there are no local retailers in Atlanta that have a Naturalmat mattress that I could “sample” – touch, breathe in, etc. – I just didn’t want to take the chance of my daughter having an allergic reaction to this product.

After discussing my mattress dilemma with friends and family, I decided that the mattresses sold by IKEA deserved a little bit of research and attention. Although the mattresses sold in the U.S. by IKEA are not organic, I do believe that we made the right decision in purchasing our daughter’s mattress from IKEA. Here’s why:

IKEA mattresses have NO polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mattress cover. The mattress covers are composed of biocide-free materials, and there are strict limits on formaldehyde use. I most definitely would have preferred a formaldehyde-free mattress cover, but I am thrilled that the cover of my child’s mattress is made of cotton rather than PVC.

IKEA does not use the highly toxic chemicals antimony, bromide (PBDE), or arsenic to combat flammibility.  Due to the strict U.S. fire legislation, the mattresses sold by IKEA in the U.S. require some sort of treatment in order to comply. Organic phosphor or nitrogen-based flame retardants were used. 

Indeed, the IKEA mattress that we purchased is not organic and does have some chemicals. I am not 100 percent satisfied with that, but I can always buy her a better, more expensive mattress at a later date. After all, we’ve only just begun the process of weaning her out of the family bed.

I am pleased to say that since we bought the bed on Sunday afternoon, she slept all night in her bed (at her own request!) and then slept with us again last night. I plan on taking this slowly, as we are also still weaning her off the breast right now. We are down to one feeding per day, in case you were wondering how that process is going! 🙂

Have you purchased an IKEA mattress for your child or yourself? What are your thoughts?


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