Reusable Pull-up “Diaper” Tutorial

I hate potty training my daughter.

It has been such a struggle. We’ve tried two different toilets, three books, a DVD, watching Elmo use the potty, and countless YouTube videos on the subject – all to no avail. My daughter still wets herself. I decided that it was time to change tactics.

Children do not like to be wet. With that in mind, I came up with something that would keep the urine off of my floor and furniture while making my child more aware of what was happening “down there.” I put my husband to work sewing up homemade pull-up panties, and they absolutely do work! (*for us, anyway)

Here’s what you need:

  • A package of underwear
  • A cloth diaper insert (I have two different kinds, the gDiaper kind and this one from eBay seller cottonwoodbaby. The gDiaper one is too thin for this purpose – the thicker the better!)
  • A cotton diaper, like the Gerber Flatfold Birdseye Cloth Diapers
  • A sewing machine
  • A needle and thread


Cut the thick cloth diaper insert into four pieces. We cut down the center horizontally, and then vertically through those two pieces. The end result was four rectangles of cloth.


Hand sew around the edges of these rectangles to keep the stuffing from coming out. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just sturdy enough so that you can run it through the sewing machine later.


Cut rectangles out of your thin cotton diaper material. These rectangles should be able to wrap all around each insert that you’ve just made with a little room to spare.


Wrap up the the thick insert rectangles with these new thin cotton rectangles. You can either throw in a few stitches to hold it all together, or just take them straight to the sewing machine with your underwear.


Sew around the edges of the insert and straight onto the crotch area of the underwear. (It will look like you are sewing a maxi pad to your child’s underwear.) It is MUCH easier to sew through the thin cotton material than the thick insert, so make sure to do that!

Let me add a warning here: these pull-up “diapers” do not hold more than one pee well, so they are not recommended for very heavy wetters or if you will not be able to check the child’s undies often.

My daughter loves to wear her big girl panties. Every single time that she has to pee now, she runs to the potty. Yes, she does still wet herself most of the time, but I am just glad that these new pull-up panties have helped her to put together the feeling of wetness and the need to go to the potty. That is a big step!

Have you made something similar to this? How could we improve this idea? Please feel free to share your ideas and solutions (and other potty-training advice!)


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