Our New Friend, Zylie the Bear

Nothing brings joy to my heart more than my daughter does. Simply watching her face light up when I opened the Zylie the Bear package was enough to bring tiny tears of happiness to the corners of my eyes. Yes, I’ve been a bit of an emotional, hormonal wreck for the past three years – I blame my daughter fully for this development. But back to Zylie…

My daughter was delighted to meet her new furry friend. As if the soft, multi-tonal fur was not enough to satisfy children everywhere, Zylie came dressed in a very stylish outfit: a floral flounce top, dark denim pants, and a gorgeous white coat. Zylie also has the neatest accessories, including an orange tote bag, passport, map, and diary. My daughter enjoyed filling up the blank pages of Zylie’s diary with scribbled letters and mermaid-themed stickers.

There’s one accessory that really stood out the most – the first book from the Zylie adventure series! As a bookworm mommy, I try to encourage my daughter to read a million books a day. Ok, maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but we do read a lot together. I was surprised (and delighted!) that the Zylie book lives up to the fine quality of the doll. The book series focuses on the globe-trotting adventures of Zylie the bear, and help to give children an introduction to other countries and cultures. The first book was a very pleasant read, and is a book that my daughter and I will continue to read over and over again until she’s old enough to read it on her own.

The people behind the Zylie line of books, bears and clothing are a philanthropic team of mother and son, Mary Beth Minton and Matt McCarty. Their goals are to provide a fun and educational product that appeals to children while also giving back to the world. One such organization that has received funding from the sales of Zylie the Bear is the China Care Foundation. This organization helps to provide surgeries and medical care for underprivileged orphans in China. What a very worthy cause to support!

I can honestly say that I am one hundred percent satisfied with the Zylie the Bear company and products, and I will be more than happy to shop with them this Christmas. Knowing that I am providing my child with a quality, educational toy that also helps other children is an amazing thought. It is fairly rare these days to find toys that fit all three of these ideals, let alone just one. For this reason, I wholeheartedly recommend the Zylie the Bear products.

Of course, watching my daughter skip around holding onto Zylie’s hand, breastfeeding that little bear, and tucking her into bed at night? Priceless.

I was provided with a Zylie the Bear sample to facilitate this review. No compensation was provided. All opinions expressed in this post come from my personal experience with this product and may differ from the experiences of others.


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