A Small Girl With BIG Style

In August of 2008, my husband and I discovered that we were having a baby girl. I had been convinced from the beginning that I was going to have a son, so I was very surprised at the news. The first thought that came into my mind was that I did not want to get lost in a sea of pink.

In order to fully dispel the notion that the girls’ section was simply a mass of varying shades of rose, my dear husband decided to take me clothes shopping for our little one. I am almost embarrassed to say that nearly three years later, we have not stopped shopping.

Girls have the best clothing options! Sometimes I think that if we had had a little boy instead of our sweet girl, we would have quite a bit more money than we do now. Let’s be honest here – boys just don’t have as many options as the girls when it comes to fashion. It seems as though our daughter wears something only once or twice before it gets packed away and donated.

When Danger was small, she would wear anything and everything that I would dress her in. She was one of those rare children that actually wanted to wear sunglasses, bows and hats with every outfit. I was under the impression that my childhood dream of having a living baby doll to accessorize had finally come true. Boy, was I wrong.

Danger has an opinion on every single item of clothing that she wears. There are frequent outbursts of, “No, Mommy! That’s ugly!” whenever I try to put her into something that I like. She insists upon wearing yellow, blue, or purple. Any other color is simply unacceptable.

Danger likes to pair bright colors with stripes or polka dots. Right now, she’s wearing hot pink legging capris with a brown floral top. Most of the time she insists upon wearing a dress or skirt, but I’ve been wearing off on her lately. It seems as though all I have to do to get her to wear something in particular is to mention how one of her friends likes to wear the same type of clothing.

As far as accessories go, my daughter always has to have on shoes, a bracelet or two, and a hair bow. These days, she wants to wear her hair in a single, cascading braid – which I am more than happy to provide. For dressier occasions, she wants to carry a pocketbook and wear fancy white gloves. I have a very feminine and stylish daughter.

Much to the dismay of my husband, our daughter loves character-related clothing. Her favorite dress at the moment is actually a Rapunzel pajama dress from The Disney Store. If we are out shopping for clothes, the first thing she will notice is the Elmo/Dora/Kai Lan/Hello Kitty images decorating many of the tee shirts in the toddler section. Great. My favorite tee shirt from the early 90s was a bright purple Princess Jasmine shirt from The Disney Store, so I suppose I am at fault here. Who can resist the familiarity and excitement that Disney characters add to clothing?

This past year, I’ve taken to making tutus and hair accessories for Danger. I sincerely hope that as she gets older, she will want to create items that match her style and personality. Maybe she’ll even learn how to sew one day. For now, I’m enjoying every second of having my style icon living under the same roof as me. I can only hope that her sense of fashion will rub off on me as the years fly by.


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