Heelys For The Whole Family

I remember when Heelys first became popular. I had already grown into a solid adult size 7, and was very jealous of all the little kids in my neighborhood that were able to glide around on just about any surface (in stores, sidewalks, everywhere!) with ease. I wanted to glide, too.

Heelys has recently released shoes for the entire family, and I could not be happier! When presented with the opportunity to test out these shoes to help spread the word, I knew just who I would have try out these shoes: my adventurous husband.

Although I was very excited about the new adult sizes, I know my own limits. I cannot ride a bicycle, stay upright in rollerskates, or even skateboard. I’m just not that balanced. In order to provide a fair and accurate assessment of these new Heelys shoes, I enlisted the help of my husband, who has spent the past month wearing his Heelys just about everywhere.

We received the Heelys Edge shoe for review.


One thing to note upfront about these Heelys is that they are not the most stylish of shoes for adults. They are a little odd-looking when compared to other types of sneakers, but that is to be expected when there’s a large wheel located inside of your shoe. (Think about the ShapeUps shoes from Sketcher’s.) Not something I would normally wear, but most people do not notice anything out of the ordinary about the shoes. 

These shoes are, however, a lot of fun. It took about a week for my husband to get used to wearing them. I would recommend that people wear only one wheel in the lead foot for the first few days. It worked well for him doing it that way.

He has played around with these shoes for over a month now, and currently wears them a few days a week. They have held up very well so far. The bearings seem pretty good, and they still look almost brand new.

My husband works in an office with low pile carpet. He is able to wheel around the office a bit as well. The balance point is different, so you have to be careful going from carpet to smooth surface.

A word of caution: Watch for cracks and ruts in the road. The wheel on your Heelys can get stuck in the cracks and if you are going fast you may not be able to run fast enough to keep from falling forward. Also – you should not wear Heelys to church if you plan to chase after your toddler. Not that there’s the possibility of crashing into the stage in front of everybody, or anything… 🙂

Heelys shoes are wonderful. They are so much fun and keep us very active. We are constantly looking for excuses to go for walks. Although they are not the most attractive sneakers for everyday use, they look just fine. Honestly, appearance aside, just about every person that we have demonstrated these shoes for has asked us how to buy their own.

To purchase Heelys, visit the Heelys online shop here. Right now, there are two styles of shoes that are on sale for just $40! Seriously – go check it out!

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with Heelys new products and announcements, you can find them on twitter at @HeelysWorldwide and on facebook at Heelys.

For more info on how to skate in Heelys shoes, check out this link forSkating 101. You’ll find lots of helpful information and videos to help you get the most out of your new Heelys shoes. Happy Heelying!

I was provided with a sample pair of Heelys shoes to review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed about this product come as a result of our personal experiences with the product, and were not influenced by any company or blogger outreach community. Individual experiences may vary.


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