Monday, Funday?

This week, I am participating in ‘A Week In My Life’ hosted by the always fabulous Adventuroo. So without further ado, read on to find out what my Monday was like. 

After we woke, Danger and I snuggled up on the couch and had Pop Tarts for breakfast. We had just gotten back home from a weekend trip to visit family and friends in North Georgia, and I was just Our normal breakfast routine consists of fortified cereal, oatmeal, or waffles. Hey, at least they were S’mores Pop Tarts. There has to be some nutrition there, right?

I blogged while she watched cartoons on PBS Kids, and then we played with her mini American Girl dolls. Apparently, being able to make cutesy voices and have a conversation with two dolls is not a skill that goes away with old age. We had such a great time! If my daughter carries over her flattering conversation to real life, I foresee no problems in her friend-making future. (What girl wouldn’t want to hear that she has on a pretty dress or has cute shoes?!)

We had black beans and bowtie noodles for lunch. Danger approved of this choice. I know this because she kept saying, “Mmmm! Thanks for the lunch, Mom!” I’m still trying to break the shortened ‘Mom’ and turn it back into ‘Mommy’ but the fact that she keeps saying it means that it might be sticking around. Kids grow up way too fast.

After lunch, I did some laundry, washed dishes and threw out all the food from the refrigerator. When we left for North Georgia this weekend, the fridge was not sealed properly. All of our food was ruined. 😦 While I cleaned up, Danger pushed her doll stroller in the kitchen and made conversation with me. I would not have minded her being in the kitchen, but she slipped on the pool of water that rushed out the open refrigerator door and busted her bottom, leaving me to comfort my crying child with wet dish hands.

At around 5 p.m., I received a knock on the door. It was the UPS guy, and he had delivered some very cool but totally unexpected toys. As I went through the box, Danger sat right by my side, cheering me along. She was very happy at the contents, as was I. I know a few little boys that are going to flip out when they see their new robotic toys.

Handsome Husband came home while I was in the process of testing out some of these toys, and he made us a very delicious dinner (bean and jalapeno burritos). It was after this dinner that I decided I just could not survive the evening unless I had a super sweet treat, so it was off to the supermarket with my little Danger in tow.

30 minutes later, we arrived back home, with a few bags full of chocolate cake icing, 2-liter bottles of soda, waffles, and pasta sauce. Ok – here’s where I deserve a little break – there comes a time in most every woman’s month where nothing can fully satisfy you like a container of chocolate cake icing. Am I right? 

We settled on the couch and watched the season premier of Dexter. I really love that show. If Danger had been a boy, her name was going to be Dexter Danger. Yeah. In case you were not aware, Danger is actually my daughter’s middle name. It’s a long story, but it actually means a lot to my husband and I. We were not just trying to be cool or different, although I suppose we succeeded.

What did you do yesterday?


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2 Responses to Monday, Funday?

  1. Oh man do I LOVE chocolate frosting. I rarely buy it because I’d eat it all day long. I remember when Big Roo started calling me Mom. I was like huh? who’s that?!

  2. Alissa says:

    We love HexBugs too.

    Love that you guys had a nice doll chat. My guy’s cars talk too.

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