Week In My Life: Weekend Update

Here’s my last installment for Adventuroo‘s Week In My Life series: our weekend update. While our weekends are a bit different from the rest of the week, you’ll notice that we do like to keep things fairly low-key at our casa during the weekends as well.

Handsome Husband worked pretty late Friday evening, so by the time he got home, Danger and I were starving! We were invited to dine with our favorites – the Lacy-Jewells, as I like to refer to them – at Tin Lizzy’s in downtown Atlanta. While it was very fun and refreshing to hang out with such great friends, I had never been happier to curl up in my bed for some much needed wxyzzzzzzzzzz‘s.

Danger had other plans.

I woke up early Saturday morning and because I could not fall back to sleep (did I even sleep in the first place?!) I decided to get ready for church. I was able to wash AND blow dry my hair – shocking, I know – and was just finished with my makeup when Danger and her daddy woke up.

We drove to Target to pick up some disposable pull-up diapers for Danger and some white tights to cover those skinny little legs of hers, which I managed to scrape by “dragging my daughter through the parking lot.” Ok, I wasn’t dragging my kid. Sometimes those little toddler legs can’t keep up with my little adult legs, and she missed a stride. My overprotective husband was convinced that I had been dragging her. As if I would do that! But I digress…

Off to church we went, where we enjoyed food and fellowship with some pretty awesome people. Danger always looks forward to church, where she can dance to the music and interact with her friends. Oh, and this kid is totally hooked on wearing dresses that flare out when she spins (which also happens to be a part of her dance routine).

Other than a walk around the neighborhood and another trip to the grocery store, that was it for our Saturday. Things got more interesting on Sunday.

Somehow my daughter thought it would be a great day for an early nap. She fell asleep on the couch watching Disney’s Tangled for the gazillionth time, and Handsome Husband and I were able to cuddle up and watch a grown up movie without interruption. It’s safe to say that in the past two-and-a-half years, that has never happened. It was awesome. The movie Skyline? Not so awesome.

When Danger woke from her nap, we took her to Perimeter Mall to the Disney Store, which she lovingly refers to as the “princess” store. She loves to walk into the new princess castle and look in the mirrors. Only this time, the Rapunzel dress was not working with the interactive mirrors. There was not a name tag on a single Rapunzel dress, and this upset Danger very much. Rapunzel is pretty much her favorite thing ever.

Here’s where I would like for you to think that I’m the perfect mom: When it was time to leave the Disney Store, my daughter accepted that it was indeed time to go, and left in angelic fashion.

Here’s the truth: When it was time to leave the Disney Store, my daughter was a little brat. She cried, she screamed, she kicked and she wiggled allllll the way out of the store, out of the mall, and into the car. She proceeded to cry and scream the entire way home.

Perhaps that was the reason I had a migraine for the rest of the day? Handsome Husband and I stayed up to watch the season two premiere of TheWalking Dead on AMC (which was pretty slow but really good nonetheless).

What did you do this weekend? 


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1 Response to Week In My Life: Weekend Update

  1. Oh Big Roo has those fits sometimes too. Usually it’s about leaving the cars in the toy section at Target!

    The picture of her holding the brush is too funny! And it seems like we ALL went to Target this weekend. LOL

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