It’s Scary How Cool These Toys Are!

I was introduced to HEXBUGS just when I’d finally given up hope that there were actually *cool* toys for boys – and I have to admit that I am amazed at how cool these toys actually are! The geek inside of me is intrigued by the mechanics of these toys, even while the girl inside of me is slightly disgusted with the insect-like movements of the nano.

I received a humongous box of HEXBUG nano toys in the mail in early October, and after pulling out a couple and playing with them, I knew that these toys would be a perfect addition to our friends’ Halloween goodies. We not only got to play with all of these toys, but I was also able to surprise my daughter’s friends with HEXBUG toys of their very own!

And guess what? 

They were a HIT!

The kids could not wait for us to open up the tubes so that they could play with the HEXBUG nano toys. It was really interesting because not a single child that we played with had ever had any experience with HEXBUG toys. In fact, many of the adults had never even heard of them! I’d say that all changed once the tubes were opened and the HEXBUGS were on the table… floor… and pavement!

Both the adults and children were very intrigued with the HEXBUG toys and habitat sets. If you’re looking for a toy to keep your kid entertained for hours – this is it! We had such fun putting the sets together, battling and racing the nano toys, and watching the action in the dark (thanks to the awesome glow in the dark HEXBUG Zombie nano toys).

HEXBUG nano toys are going on my annual Holiday Gift Guide this year because they appealed to children of all ages – from a beautiful 2.5 year old girl to a handsome 11 year old boy… and all of the adults!

A few quotes:

“These are cool toys!” from a seven year old boy.

“Awesome! I want some!” from a ten year old boy.

“These are my pets.” from a 2.5 year old girl 🙂

I’d say the kids were quite pleased with HEXBUG nano, wouldn’t you? 

If you’re interested in purchasing some HEXBUG nano toys for your child (or for yourself!) you are in luck – they are available at lots of places, including the HEXBUG website,, and Radio Shack.

Be sure to check back in a few weeks to see a detailed review of these products in my Holiday Gift Guide!

I received a box full of HEXBUG nano toys to pass out. I was not compensated to write a post about these products. 


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