A Super Nasty Disgusting Post

This post is titled ‘A Super Nasty Disgusting Post,’ and if you can’t handle the thought of something very, well, disgusting, then I suggest you read no further.

The fact that you are still reading this post proves to me (or you… whatever) that you are either: 1) very strange or 2) a parent. If the latter is true, I am sure that you have had many similar moments happen throughout the life of your child, as this super nasty, disgusting situation came at the very hand of my own daughter. Quite literally.

My daughter has been ill for about a month now. She went from a slight cold to a blow-out (hehe) stomach bug to another cold to yet another cold. As a parent, I can only handle so much poop and snot and whining before I start to get really apathetic about her illness. In fact, I’d rather my daughter just have fluids leaking from every pore of her body than deal with the whining, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, Danger was whining for the 4 millionth time today about a boo-boo. She does get bruises and scrapes on her knees quite regularly – she hardly watches where she’s walking, but that’s another story. I’m just getting to the point where I kiss her and send her on her way.

That was my mistake.

This time, Danger did not have a boo-boo. Instead of giving her boo-boo the full once-over that it deserved, I leaned over absentmindedly and kissed her finger, where this supposed boo-boo was supposed to exist. I noticed almost immediately after that something did not taste or smell right. In fact, it kind of smelled like… poop.

Until that moment, I could not say with any certainty what poop tasted like. 

I kissed her fingertip, which had poop on it. I would have known there was poop on her fingertip and avoided the frantic scrubbing of my face and mouth if only I had taken the time to look.

Moral of the story: Always pay attention to your child, if only because they might have a special “surprise” for you on their hands.


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1 Response to A Super Nasty Disgusting Post

  1. Aimie Alago says:

    Haha…She had a yummy surprise for you, how sweet!

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