Classic Mommy Confessions

Let’s start the new year off right – by making confessions! See how many of these Classic Mommy confessions you can relate to:

  • Sometimes I want to put myself up for adoption.
  • I have washed one load of laundry in the past two weeks. Thankfully, we have tons of clothes. In fact, there should be a show dedicated to people that hoard clothes. I’d be the star.
  • I just recently learned how to use my vacuum cleaner.
  • I let my kid run around half-naked in the house just so I don’t have to help her get on and off the toilet. Yes, I’m that lazy.
  • Speaking of lazy, most days I don’t eat a real meal until dinner simply because I’ve spent about as much time as I can stand in the kitchen preparing my daughter’s vegan, organic meals.
  • I like to enter giveaways for lavish vacations, knowing that if I were to win, my companion would be my girlfriend Aimie, as my husband is always working.
  • I buy my daughter new clothes pretty much every other week… but my own wardrobe is not looking so hot.
  • Every time I feel a little bit off, I google my symptoms. I’m pretty much always suffering from brain tumors, mini heart attacks, and stomach cancer. Oh, google – why must you torment me so? Try placing the non-threatening ailments at the top of the search results, please.
  • I like to watch every show dedicated to at least one Kardashian family member. Watching those people get so worked up over little things and attempt to manipulate each other into making certain decisions makes me feel a little less awful about getting so worked up over little things and attempting to manipulate others into making certain decisions. 😉
  • My kid has way too many toys, and not only do I refuse to get rid of any of them, I continue to give her even more.
  • Speaking of toys, I’m in full-on birthday party planning mode but I have no idea what the etiquette on inviting kids is supposed to be. Do I invite the siblings of my daughter’s close friends, or keep it small?
  • Some days, I don’t do preschool with my daughter. Between the planning and the gathering of materials, I somehow get lost. My brain can only think so many thinks before… uh… what was I saying?

So that’s all that I feel comfortable admitting to right now. Can you relate to any (or all) of the above? What would you add?

By the way, I noticed that I don’t post that many pictures of myself on this blog. For those of you that don’t know – or need a reminder – this is me (maybe a little bit edited 🙂 but then again, who isn’t these days?):



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Atlanta Mom Blogger | Enjoys sweet tea and a good challenge | Dislikes dirty fingernails and whining | Mom to Danger | Wife to Dre | Family Travel Blogger
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4 Responses to Classic Mommy Confessions

  1. Mary Dailey says:

    Such a pretty lady!

  2. guinevere113 says:

    I am afraid to admit this lest Greg see this and know my secret (although I think he does the same thing sometimes), but I will pretend I am asleep and can’t possibly pull myself from dreamland to hear that my precious son is awake, whining or crying in his room. If I wait long enough, Greg will take care of him. Bad, bad Mommy! But thank goodness I found a way to get a little more sleep!

  3. I am guilty of the same thing! Don’t worry – I won’t tell Greg 🙂 Us moms have to stick together.

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