Ballerina Toy Tutorial

With my daughter’s pink ballerina birthday party fast approaching, there are many things that need to be done to ensure that this party is everything that little Danger could have ever dreamed of. My very first thought when she asked me for a ballerina party was that I would finally be able to put my Altoid tins to good use.

Note: I might have a slight addiction to Altoid mints. I go through one tin every three days. As you can imagine, I have quite the collection building up. 

I got an idea in my head that really needed to come out, even if it was just to prove that my idea was well-intentioned but not well-executed. Ever get those ideas? I decided that in order to direct my thoughts to something else, I was going to have to bring this plan to fruition. Check out my tutorial, and please, feel free to share your ideas for how this project could be even better!

How To Make A Ballerina Playset From Altoid Tin And Scraps 

The Lid

The first thing you will need to do is decide on a theme. As my idea was to make a ballerina stage, I chose pink and frilly paper, ribbons, and scrap fabric. Once you have selected your paper, cut a rectangle to cover the top of the Altoid tin. I did not use a template, but I’m sure if you look deep enough, someone is bound to have one available online.

Embellish the paper lid cover and then glue into place using the glue of your choice. I used a hot glue gun, but I’m sure there are other types of glue that would work just as well.

Inside Backdrop

For the inside, feel free to get as detailed (or as simple) as you desire. I made another rectangle of scrapbook paper to line the inside lid of the Altoid tin and glued it into place.  Then I cut rectangles of chiffon fabric, singed around the edges of each rectangle, and glued two pieces to each lid (to look like two curtains on a stage). Then I glued a ribbon at the very top, and another piece of rick rack ribbon on top of that. I like lots of layers, as this makes the backdrop look a bit more interesting. Remember, it does not need to be perfect for a child to love it (and it probably will not be – just saying!)


For the floor of the tin, I hot glued pieces of pink felt to cover the bottom of the tin, but this is not necessary. I found that after I did this, I had a hard time closing each of the tins with the wooden ballerina dolls inside, so just keep that in mind. If you are going to include smaller pieces to accompany your doll/toys, then you might want to leave the floor uncovered so that you can snugly close the lid.

The final touch to make this a perfect little playset for my pink ballerina was to paint wooden dolls. (Tutorial coming soon).

Finished product: 

What do you think? This is my favorite craft idea, and I am so happy that a) it turned out well and b) was entirely my own idea. What would you do to improve this project?

This is just one of the little surprises that the girls will be receiving at Danger’s birthday party this weekend. I cannot wait to see the girls playing with these tiny creations! Check back later for the ballerina doll tutorial. 🙂


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