Ballerina Birthday Party – The Decor And The FUN!

In January, I had the privilege to host a pink ballerina birthday party to celebrate my daughter’s third birthday. You’ve already seen the beautiful food that was served at the party – now take a peek at everything else.

My husband spent hours making these fluffy pink tutus for our guests to wear. I was certain that the girls would have covered the tutus in food if they actually wore them at the table, so tying them onto the back of the chairs seemed like a great solution. My mom tied chair sashes into bows at the tops of the chairs and placed three pretty pink flowers into the bows of each. The picture above does not do these chairs justice. They were gorgeous!

The tables were covered with cheap plastic tablecloths. The main table had a lace blanket draped over it. My MIL found the ballet slippers for the centerpiece at a consignment shop (they were brand new). We put some of the same pretty pink flowers from the chairs into the slippers for added beauty. If you look at the top left part of the above picture, you will see the pink cups that the girls drank from. My MIL glued some lace around the outside. The fronts of the cups had tiny handmade ballet slipper decorations.

The plates had flowers glued around the edges, and were very beautiful. We placed the handmade Altoids tin ballerina playsets and peg dolls on the center of each. The dolls served as place settings, as each doll was hand-painted to look like one of our guests. (Tutorials for both can be found by clicking on the links). I tied everything up in a contrasting shade of tulle to add a little bit of fun and whimsy to the table settings.

The birthday girl enjoyed munching on some delectable treats before blowing out the candles on her special cupcake. You can see the cups in better detail here, as well as the buffet spread. I’m partial to the very lovely little lady sitting at the table 😉

She could not wait until the cupcakes were on the table before she started trying to blow them out!

I’d say those cupcakes were quite delicious, wouldn’t you?

We did some fingerpainting and then moved on to Danger’s favorite part – the gifts!

She sat right on top of the gift table and unwrapped all of her presents like a big girl. Her grandparents gifted her the adorable baby Rapunzel doll (by TollyTots) that she had been begging us for.

The party was held at a local community center that was located at a very fun playground. After the party, the girls moved outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was so fun to watch everyone’s reactions to the group of girls wearing pink tutus. Before you ask – YES! that was us that you saw!

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I did taking them. After looking through these pictures, my husband decided that our Nikon wasn’t the right camera to capture our daughter’s childhood with, so he purchased a new Canon DSLR. Maybe an early birthday present for me? 😉

I hope that you were inspired to try something new from what we’ve done here. While some details were inspired by things we found on Pinterest, most of the party ideas you see here came straight from my very talented MIL. What are some of your favorite places to get inspiration for birthday parties?

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1 Response to Ballerina Birthday Party – The Decor And The FUN!

  1. Mary Dailey says:

    Everything is adorable and so pretty! A birthday party fit for a princess!

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