LEGOLAND Discovery Center – Atlanta

Over the weekend, my family and I had the privilege to attend a sneak-peek media day at the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia. There were rides, activities, a mini LEGO city, a playground, and even a 4D movie theater all packed neatly inside a 35,000 square foot space! It is so hard trying to condense all of the excitement of the day into just one post, but I’ll try to be as thorough as possible so that you can decide if the LEGOLAND Discovery Center is something your family will enjoy.

Will My Child Find Something Age-Appropriate To Do At LEGOLAND?

Yes! Whether your child is small or tall, there is something for everyone at the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Some highlights for different ages and stages:

  • For the 3 and under crowd – The LEGO Construction Site is a fun place for small kids to let loose and play with the famous LEGO bricks. This attraction is full of large, soft LEGO bricks for the budding young architect to explore the fun of building in a safe way. There is also a slide and a crane cabin (and a super bouncy-ish floor that my toddler kept bouncing on). 🙂
  • Little girls – Girly-girls will enjoy the LEGO Friends area, where they can sit and build cupcakes and flowers alongside life-sized cutouts of their favorite LEGO Friends.
  • Little Boys (and many daring girls) will enjoy the LEGO Racers: Build and Test racing area, where they can build a car out of LEGO bricks and then race their creation down a fun ramp.
  • Tweens and teens – The older kids should enjoy riding the Merlin’s Apprentice and Kingdom Quest rides over and over, learning from the Master Model Builder, and examining the MINILAND display for all of the little details that went into creating the city of Atlanta.

Things That I Liked

As soon as we walked in, we were treated to a lesson on how LEGO bricks are made. Not only was the tour guide very knowledgable and such a great speaker, but he was also so friendly! The kids all seemed to enjoy trying to figure out what direction the pipes were leading them to next, and getting to play with some of the brick-making gadgetry that was on display was just icing on the cake.

MINILAND Atlanta was amazing! I was in awe of every little detail that went into recreating our city. There were even some interactive games in the display! My daughter and I played baseball at Turner Field – how many people get to claim that?!

There were plenty of activities available for everyone in the main room. Pretty much everywhere you look, you will see LEGO creations! There were the large, soft LEGO bricks in the Construction Area for young children to play in safely and smaller plastic bricks in all different sizes and colors for the older kids (or the kids at heart!) to enjoy.

The LEGO 4D Cinema was so much fun, too! This was my first experience with a 4D movie, and I was not disappointed! Sure, we got wet… but there were other surprises that you’ll have to wait and see for yourself!

The best part of our LEGOLAND experience was the staff. The LEGO staff members were all so very friendly and helpful. My daughter is three years old, and when she looked like she might need a little bit of instruction or help, someone always came over and taught her new ways to build.

Things That I Didn’t Like

There’s not a lot that I didn’t like about LEGOLAND, but I do think it is necessary to share the things that I didn’t particularly care for so that you can get my honest opinion about this place. I thought it was a bit crowded, and while it wasn’t too overwhelming, I imagine the crowds are going to be much worse once the center is open to the public.

The size of some of the displays could have been bigger. The LEGO Friends area had just three small tables for the girls to sit and build. The LEGO Racers: Build and Test zone was much too small, and we never did get a chance to build a car to race, which is one of my daughter’s favorite things to build.


  • Child (0-2) FREE
  • Child (3-12) $16.20 walk-up or $14.58 online
  • Adult (13+) $20.52 walk-up or $18.46 online

Annual Passes Are Available For A Discounted Rate!   

  • Individual Annual Pass (1 Person) $64.80 walk-up or $58.32 online
  • Family Annual Pass (4 People) $216.00 walk-up or $194.40 online

For more information, please visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta online and follow them on facebook. To see some of the other pictures that we took at LEGOLAND, please visit my album on facebook

Do you plan on going to the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center when it opens next weekend?


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4 Responses to LEGOLAND Discovery Center – Atlanta

  1. It was nice to meet you yesterday, would have been great to sit and chat more but hard to keep kids in one place at Legoland. This is a great review. Great pic’s of your daughter and you make valid points. I think my kids loved the build-a-car and the race ramps best. The movie, well I think that a little less of rainfall would have been ok. Maybe just a mist. But my daughter loved that. The Cupcakes were a hit. We have the passes already and cant wait to go back. Hope to run into you again.

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