The Power Of Play

Play is an essential part of childhood. Children learn some very valuable lessons firsthand when they interact with each other in a social setting. Conflict resolution, taking turns, and tolerating differences are all important lessons that children can learn simply by spending time with their peers.

When I first heard about the Mattel Power of Play initiative, I knew it was something that I could throw my support behind. After spending time with children in both an elementary school setting and from watching kids in my neighborhood interact on the playground, I truly do believe that there is cause for concern.

Our children are not developing the proper skills and techniques that they need in order to form positive, albeit temporary, relationships. For proof, just pick up a newspaper. There are countless stories of bullying and altercations at our public schools. We cannot expect things to get better unless we do something about it, which is why Mattel has partnered up with Playworks for the Power of Play initiative.

So what can Mattel do, anyway? Don’t they just make toys?

No! Mattel is a very philanthropic company, as you can see from the partnerships that they have made with other organizations to bring about social good. One such organization, Playworks, has partnered up with Mattel to create the Power of Play outreach program to ensure that all children have the chance to play. Together, they have developed the Junior Coach program that trains teams of students on how to work and play together so that children will become more inclusive and understanding of others.

Mattel has created a very fun and educational coloring sheet, and I would like to share the text with you here so that you might be interested in going to the website to download it for your child. It reads:

Play Is Essential For Everyone!

  1. Invite everyone to play
  2. Share the rules of the game
  3. Pick teams by counting off 1, 2, 1, 2 …
  4. Cheer for everyone
  5. Rock, paper, scissors – a fair way to decide

All of the above points are things that we should be teaching our children, wouldn’t you agree? Download the coloring sheet here! 

To learn more about Mattel’s Power of Play outreach, please consider visiting the Mattel website or watching this very informative video. Granted, it is almost 30 minutes long, but these inspiring people provide some amazing insights and advice. Grab a cup of coffee, kick up your feet, and learn about just how powerful playtime can be.  

While all opinions shared in this post reflect my own personal beliefs, I received compensation to share this information as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. 


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