Super Simple Fishtail Braid Tutorial

One of the best things about being the mother of a little girl is that I get to try out different looks on her first. From putting together complete outfits to styling her hair, I’ve learned how to better my own appearance through experimenting with Danger. I’ve had several friends ask me how to make a fishtail braid after seeing it on my daughter. It’s a beautiful and fun style that looks good on both children and adults, and with a little practice, takes only a couple minutes to throw together.

Want to try it? Here’s a super simple fishtail braid tutorial, modeled by my daughter, Danger.

First, gather hair into two sections. They don’t have to be exact (in fact, I think this particular type of braid looks better when it’s a little bit messy). Next, take a small piece of hair from the outermost portion of your left section. I’ve highlighted the piece pink here for the example. Next, cross that small piece of hair over the top to the inside of the right section of your hair. Repeat on the right side by grabbing a piece of hair from the outside of your right section and cross over the top to the inside of your left section. Repeat all the way down to the bottom, secure with an elastic, and make a silly face. Ok, maybe the silly face isn’t necessary. Ta-da! Pretty simple, right?

I like to style Danger’s hair in these three ways:

  • One fishtail braid going down the back of her head
  • Two “pigtail” braids
  • Two tiny fishtail braid sections joined at the back of her head

Play around with it, but most of all, have FUN!


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