Blabla Bunny Hop

It all started with an elephant.

Her name was Josephine, and she was a gift from my husband to me for our anniversary. I fell in love with these blabla cuties online, and after bugging Dre enough, he took me to the shop in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood to celebrate our anniversary. After stepping foot into that space, I knew that we had started something very special. We had started a collection for our daughter, something that she could love and cherish throughout her childhood and beyond.

We also started the blabla collections of several of Danger’s closest friends and family members, and as Danger’s blabla family grew, so did our affections for this amazing brand.

 We’ve made blabla-themed costumes… you remember this Anemone mermaid costume that I crocheted last year, don’t you?

 We’ve traveled with blabla dolls, both near…

 and far…

And now, we need your help! I’ve entered Danger into a blabla-sponsored video contest to win a prize from the brand. Grand prize: A basket of blabla goodies valued at $250!

It only takes about 30 seconds to vote, and voting can be done daily until April 10th. It’s through the Contest app on facebook, and you can find the direct link to the Blabla Bunny Hop video here. Why am I asking you to vote for my daughter’s video? What makes this contest so special?

Danger wrote the little song that she sings in the video all by herself! When I told her about the contest, she got really excited. After working through what she wanted to do, she practiced for several days to get her song right without stuttering so that her video would be perfect. I am so proud of the effort that she put into this video, and I would love nothing more than to see her win this contest!

So what do you think? Would you please consider taking a moment of your time to vote for my special little bunny? We both would appreciate any support that you could give! Thank you sooo much in advance. You guys rock!!!

blabla did not sponsor this post and has never sponsored any content on this site. I just truly love the store, the employees, and the products that blabla produces! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 


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2 Responses to Blabla Bunny Hop

  1. Kim turner says:

    Looved Danger’s new blah blah bunny!! Makes me wish I had my own little girl to start my own blah blah collection for!! Love you guys!!!

  2. seriouskrystyn says:

    Those are adorable. What a fun thing you’ve done to collect them for her.

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