To My Little Danger

It has been a while since I last posted a blog letter especially FOR my little Danger and not just ABOUT her. I hope that one day she will be able to read this blog and know all about her childhood (the things we did, places we visited, products we enjoyed), and a personal just-because-I-love-you letter was just the thing that was missing. I suppose there’s no better time than Wordful Wednesday! Here goes:

To My Little Danger,

I know that I’m going against everything the “experts” have taught me by saying this, but I just have to say it: You amaze me. 

Your enthusiasm for small tasks makes life so much more enjoyable for all of those around you. You are kind, smart, and cautious – you like to think before you act, and I consider that to be a respectable trait. You don’t just jump into things with abandon like so many other children your age. You are rational and creative and the sweetest little creature the world has ever entertained. In short, you rock!

Maybe you’ve got things a little too easy… or maybe you’ve just got your parents wrapped tightly around your long, slim fingers… but I don’t think there is enough space in our universe to contain the love that we have for you. Forget “I’ll love you to the moon and back.” Our love goes even deeper.

After all, we did buy you a new outfit from hanna andersson on our very first honest-to-goodness date night since you were born. 😉 We couldn’t even go six hours without wanting to do something special for you, sweet girl. Daddy knew that you would really like a new dress, and you really have outgrown a lot of your clothes in your very recent growth spurt while Daddy was away in India.

Sometimes we buy clothes too big so that you can wear them longer. We do this simply because you like pretty dresses, and not just because we are cheap. Sometimes your clothes are too small and look a little silly-ish because we just can’t bear to let those memories of you, all young and dependent, be replaced by the impending growth and aging that changes us every day. Whatever it is, you are the best thing that could have ever happened to your father and I and we LOVE you so much more than my feeble words could describe.

So keep on finding amusement in the little things, keep on loving every.single.person that you meet. For our world needs more people like you if we’re ever going to bring about peace.

Love forever,

Your Classic Mommy ❤

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Atlanta Mom Blogger | Enjoys sweet tea and a good challenge | Dislikes dirty fingernails and whining | Mom to Danger | Wife to Dre | Family Travel Blogger
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3 Responses to To My Little Danger

  1. Very sweet! She will love it.

  2. This was such a cute post! LOL!! I feel the same about my daughter too!

  3. Love this post, what a beautiful letter. You should definitely print this out to keep in a memory box for her.

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