Baby’s First Hello Kitty Birthday Party

My family and I love Hello Kitty. There’s just something so simple and lovely about that little critter that has made her a family favorite for years. You may remember my little sister’s Hello Kitty in Paris birthday party, or my niece’s adorable cake – but today I would like to share with you the details of my own daughter’s first birthday party from 2010.

Let’s start with the cake. My super-talented MIL created this beautiful Hello Kitty cake using our party’s color scheme: pastel pink, purple, and silver. She went with a layered cake design to lend a bit of elegance to the event, and sprinkled crystallized sugar all over the cake for a little extra sparkle. She finished it off with one of our very special homemade Hello Kitty cake pops as an edible cake topper.

Speaking of cake pops, aren’t these Hello Kitty cake pops just the cutest little things? While they took my husband and I (mostly my husband) HOURS to tweak and to get right, they turned out so beautifully. While I don’t see any more handmade cake pops in our near future, I would definitely recommend adding this feature if you have the time.

We also created a lovely little treat table with cake pops, twisted marshmallow “lollipops,” dipped strawberries, and Hello Kitty decorative juice bottles readily available for guests to enjoy at the party or to take home in a goody bag.

Danger had been sick for a couple of days before the party, so rather than dress her in something fancy and frilly, we opted for some simple sparkly pajamas, complete with miniature purple tutu, for the party. Here’s a picture of Danger concentrating on her very first birthday wish:

What was your child’s first birthday party theme? Any other Hello Kitty fans out there? 🙂


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One Response to Baby’s First Hello Kitty Birthday Party

  1. Everything looks great and the pops turned out really well. I tried to make them at one time but it didn’t look right. Happy birthday to the little one.

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