Gone Fishing

I was blessed with an amazing daddy.

He supports me in every endeavor that I attempt to take on, and even believes in my wildly grandiose goals and schemes that others consider to be unobtainable.

He wrote stories and songs to entertain my sister and I, a skill that I believe he learned from his own father.

He has always encouraged me to learn, as he served our community as a schoolteacher for over thirty years. He taught me to read by the age of three. He helped me to earn awards throughout elementary school for being the top student in each of the class subjects. (Awards that my parents have held on to over the years!)

Every conversation with my father is a learning experience, and his love of American history has shaped me into becoming a wonderful American citizen.

Why Fishing?

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are the family trips to the lake, where we spent many summers fishing, lodging, and enjoying time unplugged from the rest of the world in a sweet and family-centric bliss.

Daddy used to take us fishing pretty much everywhere in North Georgia and Alabama. If there was a body of water within 100 miles from home, you’d better believe that we visited it! For a few summers, we even had property on a lake in Alabama with our very own dock for fishing.

While I never have enjoyed the taste of fish (and my own daughter is vegan), I simply had to take my daughter fishing on a recent visit with my parents, if only to share in this childhood memory for a brief time. My father was more than happy to oblige.

Danger’s first fishing experience went something like this:

Danger: “Mom, I’m going to catch three little fish.”

Me: “Three little fish? You don’t want to catch three big fish?”

Danger: “No, I want to catch three little fish. And I’m going to eat their faces, their eyes, their mouths, and their heads.”

Me: “Why are you going to eat their faces?”

Danger: “So they don’t eat me, Mom!” (duh.) 

And so it went. She caught three fish in less than thirty minutes, and then was ready to hit up the beach for some swimming and sandcastle fun.

Looks like she caught one!

Of course, Danger just had to pet her very first fish. While she thought it was slimy and gross, the fish really amused her. I will admit – she was a little bit worried about the fish wiggling around so much 🙂

What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Did they involve your parents, siblings, or were they moments spent happily alone? Please share!

I’m linking up at the Memories Captured linky on Mama Wants This! Come share your memories and pictures with the group 🙂



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5 Responses to Gone Fishing

  1. The hubs just went fishing at lake Oconee for fathers day Sunday he loves fishing. I remember my childhood at the beach and always reading

  2. Love that your dad did something with his granddaughter – there’s nothing like a grandparent/ grandchild relationship.

  3. Heather says:

    She is so cute in her fishing outfit! I used to go fishing as a child and I HATED it! Happy that you have such great memories of it.

  4. So very much fun, and an amazing moment captured!

  5. Look at her! She did it! So cute. I’ll bet she was so proud of herself.

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