All Wrapped Up: How Baby-Wearing Can Lead To Happier Moms

People all over the world practice babywearing: From mothers in Africa and China to celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Pink, babywearing is a safe and beneficial way of life for many parents. While babywearing is most definitely not the newest parenting craze, it has taken off in recent years as baby carrier and sling companies have come out in full-force to create stylish and fashionable products to aid in this time-tested practice.

When my daughter was smaller, I toted her around in a lillebaby EveryWear Organic carrier. This enabled me to do many things. I was able to clean the house with ease, explore museums and attractions without hauling around a bulky stroller, and brush my teeth without leaving baby unattended. There were so many things that I was able to do that would have been a burden otherwise.

This is why I believe babywearing can lead to happier moms. 

Think about it for a second:

  • Babywearing can make breastfeeding simpler. By carrying baby around at chest level, moms are able to free up their hands while baby eats to get more work done. 
  • Babywearing reduces the number of germs that baby is in contact with (from a dirty shopping cart to crawling around on the floor). 
  • Babywearing can make it easier for parents to give attention to older children at times when baby needs to be held or fed. 

Back in 1986, a study was published in the journal Pediatrics that shows that it can even produce happier babies, too! Wearing a baby for three hours a day reduces both daytime AND nighttime crying! The next time you’re awake at 2 a.m. with a crying baby, remember this study 🙂

If you’re still not convinced that babywearing is something that you should try out, consider this:

  • Are you happy living in a messy home? If not, then… 
  • Are you happy leaving your baby unattended in a playpen or bouncy chair while you run around cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the other daily tasks that being a parent brings? No? Then… 
  • Are you happy knowing that your child is missing out on learning right alongside of you, taking in everything that you do? 

All of the above issues (and more!) can be helped by babywearing! 

There are a lot of different types of slings and carriers for babywearing parents. It is important to find the right one for your shape, size, and comfort level. I personally used the lillebaby EveryWear Organic Carrier for my little Danger. My husband uses a Kelty Kids Backpack Carrier for hiking up Stone Mountain. That’s right – dads can get in on the babywearing action, too!

Have you tried babywearing? What is your favorite baby sling or carrier? 


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