It’s Time To Get Medieval

Hear ye, hear ye! Medieval Times has recently added a new show, and you’ve just got to see it! Step back into the 11th Century to encounter brave knights, a lovely princess, amazing falconry, and majestic horses at the Medieval Times dinner and tournament.  The delicious food and captivating atmosphere will transport you to a far-off place and time, as you take in the daring sequences of jousting, battling, and creature talents.

The Bill of Fare:

  • Garlic Bread
  • Tomato Bisque
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Spare Rib
  • Herb-Roasted Potato
  • Pastry of the Castle
  • Beverage choice: Pepsi or Water (plus coffee with the pastry!) Also, bar maids roam around offering cash bar service for alcohol.

*Vegetarians and those with food sensitivities can request a different meal than the one above. Make a note of any dietary concerns when purchasing your tickets.

**The coffee at Medieval Times is simply phenomenal! Try a cup with your apple pastry 🙂

The Show:

The new show is quite different from the original performance that I attended in March. While it had action, falconry, and horses doing unbelievable feats, I noticed that the show had been reigned in a bit to where it is no longer as intense. The new show is more child-friendly, and includes a romantic element for the ladies in attendance, as well.

Be prepared to cheer for your brave knight and even hiss at your tournament opponents. Each section of the arena is assigned to a specific knight. For the second time now, I represented the Red & Yellow Knight. During the show, he tossed flowers to his admirers and proved his strength and courage by testing his skills against the other brave knights.

Conversely, my red & yellow section was encouraged to shout angrily at our opponents from across the aisle, especially the Blue Knight. Let me tell you, that is a great way to blow off some frustration! 🙂

The horses were so much fun to watch, too. The all-white steeds are truly magnificent creatures. They move so beautifully and put on quite the performance! It is hard to believe that a horse can move so elegantly, but these steeds have been wonderfully trained to dance, trot, and move to the music.

Of course, no Medieval Times show would be complete without a bad guy. I don’t want to ruin any surprises for you, so you’ll just have to attend the show to find out more!

Details, Details:

Plan to arrive early to explore the castle, interact with the characters, and take advantage of the large bar. Make sure to stop by the dungeon to see torture devices from the 11th Century. (You may not want to take the kids into the dungeon). 

There are no utensils for dinner. All food is eaten by hand. After the main course is served, your serf or wench will bring by a towelette for you to wipe your hands clean with.

Go to the bathroom before the show starts. It can be a long walk to and from the bathroom, depending on where you are seated, and you won’t want to miss a minute of the show!

Discounted tickets can be found online from Tickets can be purchased online, in person, or by calling 1-888-WE-JOUST.

Make sure to follow Medieval Times on facebook and twitter to stay up-to-date on special performances, discounts, and show information.

I received media passes to attend the new show in exchange for a thoughtful and honest review. All opinions that I have shared on this post come from the careful consideration of my experience at Medieval Times. 


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3 Responses to It’s Time To Get Medieval

  1. I heard that place was expensive we may try it one of these days. Maybe for my upcoming birthday it will be something new and exciting

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