Genghis Khan Now At Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Bloodthirsty savage. Heartless leader. Brutal murderer. You think you know the real Genghis Khan, but you don’t.

Now through January 21, 2013, Fernbank Museum in Atlanta offers up the real story behind the Genghis Khan legend that is sure to surprise and captivate you til the very end. The exhibit itself starts with a large statue of Genghis Khan, and winds through the timeline of his empire, culminating in a special section that details the modern day luxuries that were inspired by the Mongol empire.

The Genghis Khan exhibit offers a vast array of artifacts from the 13th Century, ranging from a life-sized reconstructed ger that nomads liked the young Temujin (Genghis Khan) lived in to pottery, jewelry and weapons.

The exhibit also offers a Mongolian woman’s mummified remains in one section. Fair warning: This could be a little creepy. If you or your child could potentially have an issue with seeing human remains, have no fear! You can skip this part, if you’d like. It is off to the side.

Three year old Danger enjoyed the Genghis Khan exhibit, which was a bit of a surprise to my family due to the nature of the Genghis Khan legend. She giggled at the tiny artifacts, proclaimed “Yuck!” when I read signage explaining that the men would drink horse’s blood, and pretended to shop for her favorite sword. While she was wholly entertained and excited to read all of the signage throughout the exhibit, I do realize that this experience might be different for other children of her age group. Only you, the parent, will be able to decide if this exhibit is appropriate for your little one.

Come discover the man behind the legend of Genghis Khan, now at Fernbank Museum of Natural History through January 21, 2013.  Tickets for the Genghis Khan exhibit are included in the museum admission. To learn more about the museum, make sure to check out my post of Fernbank Museum of Natural History from earlier this year.

I received tickets as part of a promotional program with Fernbank Museum of Natural History, however all opinions come from my own personal experiences with the exhibit mentioned in the review.


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