Country Inns & Suites: Welcome To #MomCountry

I recently attended an event sponsored by popular baby brand Graco at the Country Inns & Suites in Buckhead, GA. Immediately following the event, we were given the opportunity to stay for one night to see what Country Inns & Suites has to offer for families, as part of #MomCountry. To say that I was pleased with our stay would be an understatement. I think it’s fair to say that Team Bradshaw has also become Team Country!

It was my first time staying at a Country Inns & Suites, and I was pretty excited. Perhaps my excitement was given because of the opportunity to get away from home for one evening. Perhaps it was because of the friendly staff that greeted me right away, with information about a library right off the lobby area and a 24-hour cookie and coffee service. Whatever it was, I was so glad to be at the Country Inns & Suites.

Before I headed to the meeting room for the #GracoSafety event, I went upstairs with my family to check out our room for the evening. The room was so nicely decorated that I did not even notice that we would be sleeping in a room with two double beds until it was time to turn in for the night! The artwork was beautiful and minimal, and the thick comforters draped across the beds created a sweet and inviting atmosphere for my family of sleepyheads.

The beds were some of the most comfortable that I’ve ever slept in. The mattresses were firm, with the most perfect pillows imaginable. In fact, I was so impressed with how comfortable the beds were that I sent out a tweet the next morning about how much I enjoyed them:

See? Loved them!

Our room also came equipped with a microwave, mini fridge, and a safe, all enclosed in a gorgeous wooden armoire. No amenity was overlooked – we even had a coffee and tea maker in our room, along with an ironing board and iron. We did not have to worry about forgetting these basic items at home, and could simply relax in our room. Needless to say, it was a nice change of pace for my very busy family!

Another thing that impressed me with the Country Inns & Suites was the roomy shower in our bathroom. It was very spacious, allowing me to wash and scrub with ample room to keep my bony elbows from hitting the sides and ruining my moment of peace. Danger even got into the shower and made up a game of “ghostwriting” on the shower door using her breath and tiny index finger.

Did you know that personal hygiene products can be sanitized and then distributed to people in need? I didn’t know that, either. The generous folks at Country Inns & Suites collect and then send off gently-used bath products to benefit people that do not have access to these products. I love a company with heart! Don’t you?

Another amenity that we enjoyed was the high-speed wireless internet. While I used it to send out tweets downstairs from the #GracoSafety event, my husband used it upstairs to send e-mails, watch Netflix, and play games on his tablet.

He looks pretty comfy, doesn’t he?

Now onto my daughter’s favorite part…

This could have really gotten me into trouble, if I was not faced with an early morning wake-up. Country Inns & Suites offers a complimentary 24-hour cookie and coffee service in the lobby. That’s right: Hot coffee and freshly baked cookies are available around the clock! And for free!

We really did enjoy our stay at the Country Inns & Suites in Buckhead, and while I may not have the need to stay so close to home in the future, I will definitely be staying with this chain in the future! I enjoyed every single moment of our stay.

Have you visited the Country Inns & Suites? What was your experience like?

I was provided with a standard room for one night as part of a promotional campaign with Country Inns & Suites. All opinions come from my personal experiences, and were not influenced in any way. 




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9 Responses to Country Inns & Suites: Welcome To #MomCountry

  1. Now you want make me want to visit one. The one’s I have seen are pretty nice but I have never been. When I go out of town the next time I will make sure I see if one is near and give them a chance.

    • They are very nice! I was surprised at how nice they were, and even more so that we have not stayed at one before! I hope that wherever you decide to visit, that you will be able to find a Country Inns. Annnnd make sure to stop by the cookie bar 😉

  2. Lindsay says:

    It sounds like you guys had a great time! There’s just something special about staying away from home with the kids. It’s a true adventure for them – no matter if it’s hours away or just a few miles.

  3. Katherine G says:

    Sounds like you all had a great time.

  4. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says:

    How did I not get one single cookie? Ugh.

    And, so glad to read about the redistributing of the toiletries!

    • You missed out on some yummy cookies! Although… I never was able to eat a whole one. You know how it is with little ones. They want to steal your food, even after they come out of your body 😉 And yes, the toiletry thing was wonderful! I hope you enjoyed your stay as well!

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